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Motorola Mobility's Moto X smartphone can be yours for just $299.99, without a contract, if you use a specific promo code while ordering it online for a limited time.

The discount code, which is used on the Moto Maker website, is "MBXISMOT" and it cuts the price of the 16GB version of the Moto X down by $100 from its regular $399.99 price. If you want to get the 32GB standard version or the 32GB developer model, you will save even more with the discount code. It cuts the price of both versions by $125 to $324.99. Finally, the 64GB version is priced at $374.99 with the code, which is another $125 price cut.

The code also gives buyers of the Moto X a free Motorola Skip, which is normally priced at $9.99. The catch? The discount code can only be used until July 23. Even if the Moto X is approaching its first birthday, it's still a good deal on a pretty high end smartphone without a contract. What do you think of this latest promotion?



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Moto X gets price cut to $299.99 with the use of promo code


I owned the 16gb for a while and now use a G2. These 5 inch screens are nice but the Moto X is the perfect size. I'll see what voodoo the X+1 will have to make it one handed operable but I can see myself buying the 64gb X if it drops to $325 or lower.

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Great device. I really do enjoy mine. That's a great price. But I am sure those in the market for a new device is looking out for the X+1.

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In writing this from my Moto X. Love this phone. Does not have the mind blowing specs, but features are so well designed it does not need them. I bought a used one to his me of until I could get a One Plus One, but really love this phone.

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This is an excellent deal on a great smartphone. I can see the Moto X still being relevant for another two years. Mine is still as fast and fluid is the day I got it. I have large hands but this phone fits in my hand perfectly but more importantly it is very unobtrusive and the pocket. I go and try all the latest and greatest smartphones in the stores, and although there are some fantastic I am smart phones out there, my Moto X is still very satisfying to use.

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Bought an ebony back 32gb Moto X during the net10 deal and using on ATT network with zero issues. It's the right size for one handed use with my hands and the battery life is amazing on this device. Motorola did some nice magic with the battery life, I had a Nexus 5 for a week but was reaching for a charger by 5-6pm everyday and had to return it because of that. This deal would've saved me a few bucks but I still don't have any regrets.

You just didn't set your Nexus 5 up correctly. The Moto X is an excellent device however. I pound on my N5 pretty good during thre day and always make it through the day with battery to spare.

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I disagree, I did nothing different between the Nexus 5 and Moto X setups. In my opinion and according to my battery stats it was the screen that killed the Nexus 5 battery. It always used around 30% or more of my battery during a regular day, and it was set to auto at all times. The 1080p screen is nice but not worth the sacrifice if you ask me.

The perks of touchless controls/Moto Assist/Trusted Devices/Active Display/Motorola Migrate are too good, and performance wise it feels no different then the Nexus 5 in day to day use.

Don't get me wrong, by no means is the Nexus 5 a bad device but I just prefer the Moto X, it's the right phone for me.

What a great deal on an awesome device. I'm using my newly relaunched moto g with 4G and sd card slot which now ticks all boxes for moto g lovers. I'm also holding out for the moto x-1. Keep up the good work Motorola

I was thinking the same thing. Ok price. But could be better. For me, if bite at $200. Maybe it's asking for too much

Keep in mind, this is to buy the phone outright, not on-contract. Doing so with an S5 or HTC One will set you back several hundred dollars more.

How do you figure that would work? The $200 is right around where the Moto G sits. Everyone and their mother (in mobile reviews) proclaims what a great value the G is. Bringing the X down to $200 just doesn't make sense for them.

Still haven't seen ONE person using this phone. Not kidding. I live in NYC and use public transportation everyday. So i see everyone's phones.

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Not surprising to hear. It's sales have been nowhere near the iPhone or Galaxy S4's and S5's. Of I'm sure you see those all the time. I own one and the only other I've seen was purchased by a friend after she used mine.

The reason for it is because sales reps don't push it. They let Samsung's marketing do all the work. And good luck finding someone who is going to explain to you the benefits of stock android over other skins.

A lot of consumers equate big screens=higher end when it comes to android too....I've talked to several folks who were quite surprised their galaxy mega wasn't considered a flagship.

Also, the customization, as awesome as it is, can be off putting to someone wanting to walk out of a place with a brand new device.

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When I bought my Moto X, the AT&T sales rep was like, "Why would you want one of those when you can get the S4 or G2 for the same price?"

I told him I'd done my research but he still tried to convince me the Moto X was inferior.

That's why they're not as plentiful in the wild. I'm one of the lucky few who didn't listen, I suppose.

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So many android phones out there with diffretb variations of them plus cases. Hard to tell what ppl are using now

Yes, the exact same reason i got a Nexus 4 16 gig for $275(us total incl tax and shipping) new. was the getting rid of stock for the nexus5. I love the phone, but want a slightly larger screen now. Jerry a while back,(before his moto x) said this phone does 90% of what the others do 100% better. I say it does 95% of what i want and 100% of what i need. but i'm a tech nerd so i'll be getting the latest nexus this fall. ( i think. or Moto x+1)

If it had a micro sd card slot this would be a better deal. Yes, I know.. SD cards are the devil blah blah blah.. Idgaf.

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I much rather pay full price for new X+1 with better specs and also decent battery life.

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What you don't? Didnt you get the memo about the super sale they just had on it? He is what you do you go to Motoro.... +++++Carrier Lost++++

Damn, should have waited a month for my wife to pull the trigger. Oh well. Great phone.

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I'll wait until the new moto x is out. If that's significantly better, I'll get that, but if not, hopefully the 64 GB model is even cheaper

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More than likely the current 64gig will be discontinued when the x+1 is released

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I also decided to pull the trigger on the Verizon Developer Edition. There is no guarantee that a new X+1 Developer edition will come to Verizon, and this is probably the closest thing to a Nexus on Big Red.

This is a good off contract price. Of course getting it on contract would be cheaper, but you cannot argue with how good this phone is for the price.

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That's why you never buy a motorola device.... even if they come out with x+1... i would wait for price drop.

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This is a decent phone, my wife uses it. Camera is abominable in my opinion... Even worse than my Nexus 5.

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Abominable is a little strong.....and honestly, your nexus 5's camera SHOULD be better; its an 8mpx version of what came on the g2 and it had ois.
Camera software has been updated often and seen massive improvements....kinda like your nexus 5.
The google camera app is better than motos stock imo
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My point in saying that was to give my reference of how bad it is. The Nexus 5 is known for not having a great camera. It's decent, but there are far better. The Moto X camera is awful. It has alot of noise and lack of detail.

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If this had happened 6 months ago, i would have had one. Now the next version is coming soon, my Nexus will be getting L in about 3 months and i have a LG G watch to mimic those features. Its literally the worse time for me to have the operatunity.

I wish the phone was bigger and the battery lasted longer. I would totally jump on this deal.

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There are plenty of bigger phones with more battery. Some of us like having a smaller phone.

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This is coming from a Nexus 5 fan. Typically we don't think much of the so called "flagships" because they suck. But the Moto X deserves a kudos. It is just a solid device .. . . a "gem"!!!

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