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Motorola is set to unveil the successor to the Moto G, dubbed the Moto G2, at an event later this week. It looks like India will be one of the first countries where the new Moto G will launch, with Motorola set to announce the device in the country on September 5th. According to a listing on Indian import export database Zauba, Motorola has imported 70,200 units of the device in the country. While the device is listed as Moto G, the model number XT1068 has been leaked as the model number of the upcoming Moto G2, which may be called the new Moto G, following on from another leak which alleges that the Moto X successor will be called the new Moto X.

Moto G2 Indian listing

The Zauba listing has the price of the Moto G successor at Rs. 10,600 ($175), which is lesser than the import price of the original Moto G, which was Rs. 10,900. The price suggests that the new Moto G will be available for around the same as the 16 GB variant of the Moto G, which is available for Rs. 13,999 ($130) in the country. The listing also revealed that the Moto G successor may be available only in the 16 GB variant, as there is no mention of an 8 GB model. Furthermore, it looks like the device will be offered in two color variations, black and white. According to the latest round of rumors, the Moto G2 is said to feature a 5-inch 720p HD display, quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 8 MP camera and dual-SIM functionality.

Are you guys looking forward to the launch of the new Moto G?

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Moto G successor spotted on Indian import database


Nop... It's worse! 720p on 5.0 display??? Low ppi vs. Original Moto G. With the same proccesor, but with bigger screen, battery will sure be affeccted... So, for me, it's more like an involution than a evolution...

+1. Exactly what I was going to say. They should have kept the screen 4.5" or at most 4.7". 720p on a 5" screen, not good Motorola.

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Well, I dont think so. Droid Ultra is 720p on 5.0" display and the screen really looks great, for me, I cant see pixels getting close to the screen.

For that price I could update original Moto G.

I think the word you're looking for is 'devolution'. Which it still is not. This is a $200ish phone. You can't have everything in a $200 phone.

My note 2 is 5.5" 720p and still looks great. I've looked at the G3 and it just looked brighter to me. I can't see the difference in resolution on a screen this size.

Now on a 50" TV absolutely. But I'm definitely interested in the moto G.

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He said G2 in it. Moto G2 has G2 in it. And yes the article also said it may just be called the new Moto G, but it also said Moto G2. Maybe it was you who didn't read the article? But ultimately when it comes right down to it we won't know what it will be called until it is announced. So you should probably stop trolling.

Boyo, if you think correcting someone that the device is not going to be called the G2 is trolling, then you might want to get off the internet, you're probably a little too sensitive.

Not sure why people are getting upset. The demand is for bigger screens, especially in areas where they can only afford one device. This is ridiculously cheap for those specs. If the camera is now passable then this all the phone anyone really needs.


I'm fine with 720p on 5".
I am happy with 16GB + SD Card.
Dual SIM is neat. The bump up of the camera is good.

But I wish they bumped up the Snapdragon 400 a bit. Just a little more grunt.

They might bump it to 1.6 from 1.3 processor. Few devices have it such as huawei mate 2. Its really good and helps battery life as well.

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Wow, still a good price... Makes my oneplus one seem expensive. Then again, my one has much better specs. Wonder how much new moto x will cost.

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I didn't, I got 5 invites from system. They will move to pre-orders in a couple months

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But, you still had to wait for an invite to purchase it. In a few months, no one will care about the OnePlus One. Hell, people don't care, now. Better phones are coming out that'll be available for immediate purchase.

What did the article yesterday say, that's your opinion. People are still asking for invites. People are still trying to obtain the OnePlus. Like it or not, it's not going anywhere. The moto g has a target crowd and so does the OnePlus One. Go to the forums and see how many " I just ordered mines" posts you see. Will it compete with the popularity of the moto g, no? But that's mostly because if the price. Hell I'm trying to sell my original moto g now on Craigslist and NOBODY wants it based on the last 3 days and lack of calls I've gotten. Now that kind sir is a fact

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Ok, lol. I love rants. Where do I start:

1) I can only comment my opinion. To have to tell me that is rather brainless, on your part. I shouldn't have to spell it out by saying "In my opinion" on every damn post I make.

2) I understand, that people are still asking for invites. Hell, for those interested in this device, it's pretty much the only way to obtain one, other than purchasing a different version from OppoMart or buying one from some other 3rd party.

3) I made no mention about the Moto G in my reply, nor did I draw any comparisons between the two.

4) There really is no point in comparing the Moto G to the OnePlus One, as they have different target markets and are being offered at two wildly differing price points.

5) If you're unable to sell the damn Moto G, then lower your price or donate it. No point in complaining about that, considering you didn't pay that much to begin with.

6) I honestly think, you only replied with a rant, because you have the One and are trying to defend it. Good for you, that you got an invite to purchase one. My original reply still stands: Only enthusiasts are purchasing it; the average person doesn't even know about it. And, of the people that know about it, only so many are willing to play the invite game.

The phone launched several months ago and is still invite-only to purchase. Yes, it's an awesome device at an awesome price point; no one is arguing that. But, we're allowed to like the device and not the method in which it is being sold.

OnePlus missed a big opportunity to cause disruption in the industry. Now, that kind sir is a fact.

Sounds like a rant to me.

1.) No, you can present facts, like the OnePlus has sold over 200,000 units or the moto g2 will be announced this week. Replies can contain opinions, or facts or both. But I know what you mean

2.) Your first point applies to YOUR second point. You just stated the obvious there. We all know you need a invite

3.) No you didn't make any mention of the moto g, I did, as a comparison. I could have did the same with any number of devices out today.

4) I do believe I stated "the moto g has a target crowd, so does the OnePlus One". Thank you for regurgitating my words and again stating the obvious.

5.) You let me worry about my moto g and how I sell it, again I used it as a point of reference. I didn't solicit your salesmanship, I honestly don't care if it sells. It's lunch $ for a few days. That's it.

6.) I don't think you know what a fact is, so let me help you: a fact is something that is " indisputably the case".

You saying they missed a chance to disrupt, is like saying android is a passing fad. They've already disrupted. They've sold over 200,000 devices and counting. That's over 200,000 people who are carrier unlocked, not settling or waiting for updates. Not overpaying to feed Samsungs marketing budget. We had to obtain a invite YES! But we now have a phone for POWER USERS. It ABSOLUTELY is for enthusiasts as OnePlus themselves said "we wanted to make a phone that we ourselves would want to use". You're right the general public doesn't know it exists. They also don't know the "deep web" exists. Doesn't mean it doesn't. It's a startup, they're not a giant, to set the same expectations as established companies is not sensible

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Is it your personal duty to defend this company? It's ok to like the device, but you don't have to sell your soul to the company, just because you managed to buy one. Why attack everyone that doesn't agree with you or your opinion? It's just a phone, lol.

Sounds like you're upset that I'm right. I'm not selling anything to anyone. I'm defending a company I support against trolls and haters who know nothing about true android. Just bandwagon jumpers. You don't like the product don't buy it. I don't like lg Samsung but you don't see me commenting on every now 4 post about what a greedy cheap company they are. We're humans. Some of us follow the crowd, some of us take a different path. I'm not wrong for supporting the company, you're not wrong for disliking it. Like you said the marketing is over thing, but I made it past that and have the device, so I couldn't care less about the invite system, but you can't trash a phone you've never touched and give a accurate opinion

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Haha, got it. I'm a troll and a hater, because I dislike the way the phone is being distributed. If I'm not a fanboy or blind supporter, then I'm a troll and a hater. I can't simply disagree with you. Gotta love the Internet.

Did you read words or just skim through them???

At what point did I call you a troll or hater???

I said "I'm defending the phone against trolls and haters who know nothing about true android "

You're not the only person who's commented, I can only day you must feel the shoe fits because I HONESTLY WASN'T TALKING ABOUT YOU. I've seen enough of your posts to know you've been around a decent time, I'm not bullshitting, I HONESTLY WASN'T CALLING YOU THAT. I'm afraid you put yourself in that category old boy because I was talking about the people who read one post about the company, the people who don't keep up with android but think they know anything about the phone.

Do you like everything Motorola, Samsung LG or HTC does, every product they release, a solid GOLD phone for example, no it's useless and a waste of resources, but you own their products anyway. Same thing.

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Ok, ok, sheesh. No need to fuckin yell, haha. Ok, I'm done fuckin with you, lol. Have a good day! Get out and enjoy the sun!

And, again, I never trashed the phone, did I? The phone is a fantastic value; still don't like the process. And, I'm not speaking out of butthurt: it's not like I tried to get the phone and didn't. I just don't like the process, that's all.

That makes 2 of us. I don't like the process EITHER.

But I've also never created a cell phone manufacture from start up so I'm not gonna judge them.

OnePlus doesn't sell cameras or HD TV's like LG and Samsung. They don't sell headphones or make laptops or video game consoles like Sony, they didn't make flip phones like Nokia. You'll have to forgive them if they had had a idea to make a awesome phone and limited funding to build said phone.

I forget all companies were created perfect

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I'm curious what would most people do, make the phone, market it and charge $500 and screw the invites I imagine. Not a bad idea, but then they're just like every other company making overpriced phones with the same bugs. You want to pay $300 more for a HTC one m8 or lg g3. I won't knock anyone who does. But those people constantly knock OnePlus. What can you do with a extra $300?

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Yeah, but mass-producing the phone and using word of mouth to sell it would be cheaper than using an invite-only system and producing them a few units at a time, right?

Word of mouth is unpredictable. You get 2000 orders today, next Tuesday you get 5000. How can they keep up manufacturing those????

Is it better to have millions want it with limited availability, or have millions of unsold units sitting on shelves???

First rule of business, supply and demand, you have to create the demand to bankroll the supply, unless you got Mark Cuban or Warren buffet funding you

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Sorry to ramble but I'm thinking out loud here: if OnePlus can make a phone with the same specs and build and sell it for $350 and the rest sell theirs with similar if not lesser specs for $600. Who should you really be pissed at????

Why can't Samsung and the rest do it for $350 or $400. If that isn't corporate greed, what the Fuck is??? That's a big gap$350 to $650. But everyone is pissed at OnePlus. I think the two question is what are these big companies like HTC, Samsung,etc doing with the rest of that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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A lot of us are "pissed" at OnePlus, because we expected them to disrupt the OEM and carrier game as we know it. Our expectations were a little too high. As a result, we hate the company that we thought would change everything instantly. Yes, our expectations were too high, I'll openly admit that.

"Sounds like you're upset that I'm right."
No words are a surer guarantee that someone is wrong or flat out full of crap.

I will never buy a phone larger than 4.7". My Nexus 4 was almost too big for me. I'll stick with my current Moto G LTE until it dies.

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Then so be it. I don't have any use for a large phone. Hopefully the market changes directions soon, and begins making handheld devices again.

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People are obsessed with pixels. With a larger phone, you hold it further away and the screen looks the same. At least to my eyes it does. I had a 6.1" Ascend Mate 2 with a 720 screen and it looked nice. Granted, next to my wife's Nexus 5 it's not as clear but it is still a good looking screen.

Just bought the original moto g 4g model so i added 16 gb storage alongside the 8 inside. I`ve honestly never been happier with my smartphone the battery is just so good i can really enjoy using my phone all day without stressing it to die. Rocking Google launcher with 4.4.4. I LOVE IT! :) And the speaker is also extremely loud!

Would be nice if it had the new 410 64bit processor. Bet you that even though the screen is half inch bigger the overall phone wont be much bigger than moto g. Bezels are getting very thin like lg g2 has. Overall i might buy this if it had front speakers which i think it will.

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Wow this site has gone down the crapper! Explain to me how:

Rs 10,600 = $175 but Rs 13,999 = $130

So an increase of Rs 3,399 equals a DROP in price of $45?

The math doesn't add up at all. Are the editors now incapable of checking basic math in the articles here? Or do the writers simply not care. This is pathetic, lazy writing. It's so bad I wouldn't even call it journalism.