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Moto Droid update, Nexus One or Droid, Sprint HTC Hero and Android 2.1, Facebook, WMExperts needs your help


patiently ???????

I'm dying to get the update!!!... the only thing close I have my droid like the update has been described is with the app home++ and keeping the memory clean... I dont want to install the one around, that you have to break the system, change couple of things and then, result: couple of features not working or breaking it!... I would do it, but I love my droid!....... pleaazze!!!

I thought the Eris had the 2.0 update? That they both had the newest firmware. I think thats the one fault about Android is that there are so many phones running on different firmwares, I think they should all be the same. Hopefully they will get on that!!

give me 2.0+ update for the eris!! it's only the first month of Q1 - i know, but envy is a b****! and my co-worker is beating me in the iphone vs. android battle...mostly because of the at&t internet and phone at the same time thing. ugh.

Still no OTA. Should there be an icon or something to prompt me? I updated to 2.0 on my own so I am not sure if I am missing something.