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When you get down to it, the giant Gingerbread man statue on Google's campus should be proof enough that Android 2.3 is nearly here. But if you still need more, here are a few other signs that have been floating around over the weekend. None of them actually contains concrete evidence of a release date, but that's never stopped the sewing circle before. Here they are, in no apparent order, with the fun stuff bolded for effect:

  • An update to Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is coming on Tuesday, and the new recent changes field spells it out. "Please install the update ... to ensure that Flash Player loads properly with future OS updates." You know, like Gingerbread. [via Droid-Life]
  • Brodduncan on Twitter alerts us to the book Pro Android 3 (apress publishing). The Amazon description includes the following: "Pro Android 3 shows you how to build real-world and fun mobile applications using the new Android SDK, codename 'Gingerbread.' " So it's a preview description of a book not yet written that will feature details about an operating system not yet announced. Move along, folks.
  • Our pals at Intomobile say they have a source who tells them the Android 2.3 SDK (that's what software developers use to code apps) will be released on Nov. 11 -- Thursday. That doesn't mean you'll have Gingerbread on your phone -- just that the SDK may be announced. The source is not named, and no other details are given.

Gingerbread is coming, folks. Soon. It will be magical. It will have healing powers, be a source of clean energy and quite possibly show us what actually happened to the dinosaurs. And you'll find out everything you need to know right here, just as soon as it happens.


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More random signs that Gingerbread is on its way (though nobody really knows when)


AMEN! My X has been stuck on 1X all day long. My girlfriends X is 3G. In the same room. According to vzn its not an issue

/me wonders if Samsung is waiting to release an update for our galaxy S phones because they know 2.3 is coming out soon. It would look quite funny to release an 'update' only to be out of date already...

Welcome to the world of Samsung...

I can count on HTC releasing gingerbread on the EVO shortly after its release on the Nexus One.

I already have flash pre installed on my device should I download the one on the market so I can get faster updates on flash based interface or does it not really matter.

I don't care if they call it bozo 1.0, fix the bugs in 2.2. I am sick of all the text messages not downloading pics, Google image search is broken and you can't swipe from pic to pic like you could in 2.1, and for goodness sake put a pro mode in there so those who wanna tweak don't half to half bake root just to be a superuser. Ok I feel better..mostly.