The Missing Sync

Those of you joining Android from other platforms -- and we know who you are -- may well be familiar with The Missing Sync, a longtime leader in personal information management. And if you're looking at Android but don't necessarily want to go all-in on gmail, this is an app you're going to want to check out. Anyhoo, The Missing Sync has updated for phones running on Android 2.1 with HTC Sense. That'd be the Sprint Hero (finally!), Droid Incredible, Evo 4G -- you know, every new HTC phone at this point.

Warning: If you have doubleTwist installed, you're going to want to uninstall first, as the two don't really play well together at this point. Otherwise, have at it! [Mark/Space]


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Missing Sync gets update for HTC phones


Heh I would like it if there was a description of what this app does. Will it finally sync my yahoo stuff?
I don't want to uninstalled doubletwist so I may just move all my stuff to Google.

I uninstalled doubletwist because whenever I listen to slacker, Doubletwist likes to start playing videos at the same time.

I tried and tried to like Doubletwist but I never saw the point.

yeah $40 is very steep. and am also having a problem with doubletwist trying to take over whenever i try to play music through bluetooth.

dear god, please don't purchase this app... I had it for the palm pre and it was an absolute waste of money... I feel that readers are misinformed about this product.. it does not sync music and until you install it, it doesn't sync contacts... so contacts that you already have in your email or address book will not sync... go with a free alternative!! am still a pre owner, but anxiously awaiting July 1st when I get my EVO!!

Definitely have to agree. I can't speak for the Android version, but tried the Mac/Blackberry version last year and it was one of the worst mobile purchases I ever made. Their customer support is abysmal. Fortunately I was able to find alternatives. Unfortunately I was out $40.

I've used The Missing Sync on a WinMo 700wx and several BlackBerries and would NEVER recommend a Mark/Space product to even my worst enemy! There software is cripple-ware... it only works if you cripple your phone/computer usage to make their software "partially" work. I have beta tested for them only for them to release software that wasn't even ready in its beta state. Head over to CrackBerry and ask if you should use it... Major data loss, synchronization that usually deletes data from your device or your computer. Calendar events gone or completely wrong after syncing. They just stretch their code over too many devices rather than do it right. Data field mapping never matches because the software is designed to be used with several devices.

It's just crap, plain & simple. I'd pay $40 if it worked but it more than likely will not. I think they allow you to use some features for a limited time but if you decide to "try" it, you should be ready for the worse and make sure everything is backed up (of course they'll tell you to do that anyway but in this case, you REALLY need to do it).

You've been warned! =)


P.S. If you do go to CrackBerry, search the Mac section for a How-To I wrote up on getting their v2.0 to work. You won't believe the steps required.

If the version that you are referring to is Missing Sync V 1.40.116 I don't think it is new as of today.

I could not get this program to install on Windows 7 Ultimate X64. Constant error problems on installation with permissions.

"The target directory C:\Users\Jon\Documents\My Music\MarkSpace Ringtones is not writeable or accessible. The installation cannot continue."

What a total waste of time and money.

Anyone know of an alternative way to sync Outlook Contacts, Calendar and notes via Wi-Fi to an EVO?

No one has mentioned above a solution. Maybe Chapura can make one that works just like the one they have available for the Pre.

The missing sync is missing from market as of this second, but thank god if its 40 bucks. You would have to either be very stupid, lazy, or rich to drop forty bones on a cell phone app. Shame on Android central for highlighting it with so little info.

I tried this over the weekend on my Incredible and didn't work. Don't know if I used the updated version or not; perhaps I'll try again. Here is the lowdown. I used the free 14-day trial (just dl'd the desktop software but chose not to register).

I could not get it to work properly over wifi. It would not sync files (300+MB mp4 video files that are already converted for the Inc), but would stall out and suffer a communication error, typically after 220MB or so. It would sync over my playlists, but the music files themselves never made it over (I'm only syncing about 3.5GB of files). There really isn't an option to sync without wifi or bluetooth, so its basically useless if it can't handle large music collections or sizeable files over wifi. It did successfully sync my SMS library and call history if I enabled only those plugins. If the file sync (for the video files) or music sync was enabled, it would try to do those first and would stall out.