It is always nice to see the minimum advertised price leak out for a device so we know about where we could expect it to be on contract pricing. The folks at Engadget received a tip about MAP pricing on the HTC Rezound (aka the HTC Vigor) and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus device and both of them show as $299. Interesting note about it is that the pricing is effective as of November 10, 2011, which is just shy of a month away from the upcoming announcement. What is that we hear? Excitement in the air?

Source: Engadget

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I have my eye on both! Rezound is a horrible name tho.... C'mon HTC!

Gekko says:

agreed. it sounds like an air freshener or stain cleaner.

"View our full line of REZOUND® carpet and upholstery cleaners, as well as laundry stain removers that eliminate tough clothing stains the first time - guaranteed."

KrsWon says:

Removes *pple stains.®

Jordan jones says:

Their running out of ridicules names.

FrasierCrane says:

Nothing will ever top the old Samsung Behold for goofiness, though. It's the only phone whose name is almost impossible to say without adopting a movie-wizard voice and then chuckling.

tronthedon says:

"What is that we hear?"

That sound is Verizon raping our wallets again.

dan4patriots says:

no one is forcing you to buy the phones, actually you are raping yourself

kurioskurion says:

299 for a phone........... O_o

El Jefe says:

Only the best phone on the best network!

lexs says:

you americans are spoiled, weak dollar, low hardware cost..damn

zhecht says:

We complain about a $299 phone because we can only get that $299 price if we agreee to pay $2500 over the next two years. The same contract and plan in the UK will get you a high end phone like the GSII or iPhone for free.

See, I don't understand this thought process, and never will. With the exception of T-Mobile you are not getting any different rates whether you get a subsidized phone or not. So sure, feel free to not get a subsidy. You'll pay the same in service regardless. Enjoy paying more.

galfert says:

HTC Holiday is what I'm waiting for.

rp014789 says:

I don't think the manufacture gives the phoned It's retail moniker name the carrier does that, the manufacturer only names the internal code name for the phone while in development then the carrier gives it their moniker when they make a deal with the manufacturer.

ghost010 says:

Why that name... galaxy nexus.makes me puke

Jordan jones says:

They are running out of Ridicules names. Que microsoftian names... Verizon Samsung Droid Galaxy nexus prime 4glte with google.

Can't wait to get a nexus

Sniper1087 says:

Since releasing the world's first Android smartphone three years ago, we've been strong supporter of the Android platform. Now, we're happy to welcome Android to Facebook. From the looks of it, they're planning on providing some great stuff for us.
Android(image of ICS statue)
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I got this from T-Mobile's twitter.

Timelessblur says:

I hate how the contract prices have all gone up by a 100 to 299.

joker42179 says:

only on verizon

ninjataint says:

We'll see once someone else releases an LTE phone

bbalak says:

Remind me again how much an iPhone 4GS costs again? (32GB version). Oh, that's right. It's the same price - On AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. And it's not LTE.

You make a great point there as well. You pay for the extra storage space, which you can get for under $100 if you buy even a high-end micro-SD card for the phone!

cowboys2000 says:

Except the Iphone does not have expandable memory ...

i agree with you! It sucks a bit that they want $300 from you with contract from you.

moosc says:

Wow who says xoom is costly 499$ for a good tablet versus a grab at 629$ that's a hell of mark up.

Quasar says:

I hope we see this Nexus on T-Mo not too much longer after the phone is released. My N1 will be two years old in January, and it needs to be replaced by the newest Nexus device!

Sniper1087 says:

I want to see this big news of CTIA on Oct 19 and if tmo gets it, will be awesome, and still needs to see if this phone packs something that will shut people bragging siri

Hand_O_Death says:

*Sigh*, yeaaaaa, and I'll still buy it.

Cubfan says:

Yep, Verizon starts the gouging, then they all follow suit. That's why I HATE Verizon.

Samsung/Google/Verizon whatever, should've stuck with the Nexus Prime name. That sounds more official, more "dominant", it just sounds better. Galaxy Nexus just sounds odd...

ulnek says:

i think part of it is because people around the world know the "galaxy" name a lot better and since this is probably going to be sold on more than just one carrier and definitely around the world, they still wanted people to think galaxy except a newer better version. and for people who know nexus, they already know this is the next nexus.

kandiman1224 says:

Samsung galaxy s2 it is.

ulnek says:

anyone know what battery comes with this htc rezound? hoping it's around like nexus's.

by the way, anyone know if nexus will come with a sim slot? says it's not a world phone, but if it has a sim slot, can't it just be unlocked (which verizon does after 60 days) and just put a sim in there when you travel?

It's got LTE so it requires a SIM card, but it's not a world phone because the 3G is still CDMA,
as well as 1X.

Short answer: Yes, there's a SIM card. No, it can't be unlocked.

ulnek says:

ah i see what you mean.

zhecht says:

Oops, misplaced comment.

cbhouston says:

I'll never buy another Samsung, after their refusal to admit a hardware issue with the GPS on the original Galaxy S.

Wiggy0211 says:

Best Buy offers zero interest for 6 months for those of you who are strapped for cash. Hopefully they will have this device soon after release tho...

Hopefully even if Verizon gets it first for Nov. 10. the other guys (AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Metro PCS/Cellular 1/etc. get it by Thxgiving.