While Microsoft has yet to make anything official on the wearables front, we've seen plenty about their rumored smartwatch lately. From what we've seen so far, their offering will be a slim design that offers a slew of fitness features and also has a removable watch body that fits snuggly into a companion charging/sync dock.

According to Forbes, Microsoft's watch may also be cross-platform by supporting Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices — something that not many current smartwatches can claim. The report also says that the smartwatch will continuously monitor your heart-rate and will run for two days on a single charge.

The race is on in the "big name" smartwatch game. Android Wear is coming in a few months and Apple is expected to announce their own smartwatch in the fall, so Microsoft will have to get moving if they want to be a part of the action later this year.

Does a Microsoft smartwatch appeal to you? What features would you be looking for?

Source: Forbes; Via neowin


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Microsoft's smartwatch rumored to be compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


Why put forth the effort with Windows Phone having such a measly market share?

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There are better priorities for Google to spend its time and money on

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Yeah, they have a freaking YouTube app for WiiU before Windows Phone, and there are way more Windows Phones than WiiUs. As an owner of both an Android and Nokia Google pisses me off when it comes to their lack of support for Microsoft products.

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Microsoft have lots of money, let them support their own devices!
Next up you'll be expecting Apple to have iTunes running on WinPhone.

and i'm sure it will be clunky and ugly as sin. Jobs was right about at least one thing - MSFT has no taste.

Right, just like the Surface Pro 3 is so ugly with its chassis that has gained nothing but praise from reviewers and how it's so big that it even weighs less and is thinner than the MacBook Air.

ha it's derivative crap from the original Surface brought to you by the same people with no taste. do you really think that the sales results will be much different, genius?

@12Danny123 I think he was referring to WPCentral, not you. Either way, the source doesn't change the facts, so I'm not sure what his point is.

As opposed to what? The pebble? LG? Gear? The ONLY watch worth saying is nice is the Moto 360 and Kairos. Everyone of those watches look like cracker jack prizes.

OG Gear looks best to me so far. i loved the screw accents. this is coming from someone who owns an $8K+ mechanical watch.

You owning a 8K watch is completely irrelevant to the conversation. But thanks for the needless insight on what your spend $8K on.

1. the only Apple product i've ever bought in my life is the Earpods. i have a Nexus 5 and Samsung Windows 8 Ultrabook. so i'm far from a fanboy. but i can appreciate what Apple designers have brought to the marketplace.
2. my $8K watch should tell you that i can appreciate what a high quality watch looks like as opposed to "Cracker Jack" watches as was stated.

I actually agree with you about the OG Gear. Some people seem to forget that just because *they* don't care for the look doesn't mean that *no one* does.

I think they are doing it because Windows Phone just doesn't have the market share for it to be a success as an exclusive product

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i never evern thought about ms watch but id have a look see if its able to run with my pc!

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

If MS makes a smartwatch it needs to run on Android and iOS to stand a chance. That said, I really hope these OEMs are wrong regarding smartwatches being the next big thing. Fitness, geocaching, etc. is great. Many people are bad enough with their phones.

Probably won't have a screen anywhere close to blue. Could be interesting to see what they come up with.

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Microsoft is in a unique position to take advantage of this. They already have a patented way of showing notifications, and can possibly even run apps by simply clicking on the tiles.

I personally think that Microsoft is, for once, uniquely positioned in the market.

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Again, what's the reason to join the windows ecosystem if it will work with anything?

Another shot in the foot.

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Because. MS has apps on every platform. So if you use MS services then you can just use them on your android, WP and Iphone.

Yes a Microsoft watch would appeal to me. The features could be basic. But it would have to be attractive.

I don't really care much about which OS powers my watch that's synced to my phone. Well, unless it's Tizen, on principle.