Microsoft is making some major changes to OneDrive storage, more than doubling their free storage tier. Currently sitting at 7GB, free OneDrive storage will be raised to 15GB.

Office 365 subscribers will be getting additional storage as well. While OneDrive for Business users received this upgrade in April, users of Office 365 Home, Personal, and University will all be getting 1TB of OneDrive storage for now extra cost. Office 365 Personal is available for $6.99 per month, Home for $9.99 per month, and University is available for $74.99 for four years.

Microsoft is also slashing the price of standalone OneDrive storage tiers. Previously, $7.49 per month OneDrive's 100GB level now has a monthly cost of $1.99. The 200GB tier is now $3.99 per month, down from $11.49.

All of these changes are set to roll out next month. Are you excited for these OneDrive pricing changes? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: OneDrive blog


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Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365


Microsoft matching up with Google on this. Might be time I take the Office 365 University deal before my academic account expires.

As long as you have an .edu address, you qualify. I used the email address I have as an alumnus to get Office365.
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Ive just recently been going cloud storage crazy. Currently on bitcasa 1tb a month.... But frankly, if I can get office and 1tb with microsoft for the same or slightly less it may well be worth it. I like the bitcasa app though. Its a shame Drive doesn't allow folder downloads on the app, or streaming content either, otherwise I'd have stayed with it.

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That's a lot of storage, not to mention that the office 365 would be an afterthought when considering the value of the cloud storage itself.

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I use Office 365, so I'm excited about the TB of storage. I can basically back up my entire PC online now in addition to the automatic pictures back-up on my phone.

Just checked OneDrive. I have Office 365 membership and still says 30 GB. WTF?

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It's right there in the article. It rolls out next month to non business users, as they have it already.

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Really good deal, no matter what anyone says office >>>> google docs. Docs is good enough if you just want to save something online but the functionality won't ever be as good as office.

Interesting, they've effectively matched Google's $2 rate for 100GB, and they offer a 200GB in between plan whereas the next step up from Google is 1TB/$10...

I actually have 25GB already on One Drive, so I doubt I'll see any kind of bump, I'm glad MS has allowed me to keep it all this time tho (grandfathered in for free from when Live Mesh turned into Sky which then turned into One, heh).

I'm still using multiple cloud accounts, mostly because I have decent sized chunks of free space spread amongst them (25GB here, 22GB on Dropbox mostly thru referrals, 25GB on Google thanks to Quick Office offer, and 50GB on Amazon for $25/yr but it includes unlimited music uploads).

I could see myself migrating to just one and paying $25-75 a year for a couple hundred GB. Having it all centralized would be nice, OTOH having it all spread as it is now does give me some redundancy.