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Instant messaging platform imo sends word that it's launched video calls across its Android and iOS mobile apps. The feature works over Wifi, 3G and 4G connections, adds to imo's array of messaging features, which includes support for nine third-party IM services.

To call a contact, users simply select the video icon that appears next to the person's name. Video calling joins existing imo features, such as group text chats, video messages and voice messages.

The new video calling feature should be hitting imo on Android and iOS in an update landing right about now, so hit the Google Play link above if you want to try it out. Releases Video Calls on All Mobile Apps
Leading all-in-one communication app now lets you stay connected via video with friends and family across the world – the leading all-in-one communication and social discovery platform – now lets its 10+ million app users video call with friends and family across the world for free. 
imo makes it easy to connect via video calls on Android, iPhone and iPad devices by using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE Internet connections.
To start a new video call, just find the contact you want to chat with and choose the video icon right beside their name. 
Video calling is just another way to communicate on-the-go with imo. In addition to the imo core platform allowing you to connect across nine third-party IM networks, mobile apps let you:
Use the group chat feature to keep everyone in the loop on Friday night’s plans
Send quick voice and multimedia messages
Carry on conversations from desktop to mobile when running out the door 
The announcement comes on the heels of imo’s Broadcasts launch – a new social discovery feature that lets you discover and connect with people and groups on topics you care about to build relationships and spark discussions. 
“Our customers love to stay connected,” says CEO Ralph Harik. “Whether it’s sharing life’s moments over video with distant family, or sending a quick voice message to a friend, the launch of video calls further demonstrates our commitment to letting our users dictate how they want to communicate.”
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RaiderWill says:

Welcome to the future... :-)

BB_Bmore says:

Hmmm I'll pass but nice one Imo!

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IMO user here. While I don't see myself using this feature, IMO in general is great. Its stable and easy on the battery.
I don't like that Microsoft blocked them from accessing Skype though. I guess Microsoft felt it would compete with Skype in or something.

frozencloud says:

I think that broadcast page pisses ppl off more.

frozencloud says:

just a heads up for those planning to install this app, there have been some recent complains regarding this app sending out invites to ppl on your contact list without your consent. Not sure if it's true though, didnt happened to me....yet.

Hasn't happened to me yet but thanks for the heads up.

NuLL.n.VoiD says:

Any word on the Amazon Appstore release for IMO? This would be handy for Kindle Fire and Fire HD users.

JeffDenver says:

What does this do that GTalk/Hangouts does not? No sarcasm...I am really asking.

Quikstep says:

You can sign into multiple platforms/accounts at once, beyond just Google.

AndroidOpSys says:

Yes, it's possible to log into all the platforms at once on the web, Android, and iOS. I use it daily with AIM / Google / Yahoo from both web and Android.

For one you can send pics...

litig8or98 says:

And very shortly, BlackBerry will show up to the party...late as usual, looking around and wondering why there's nobody left.

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