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From the mail bag: Accidentally erased everything!


Now I would suggest the next step is to install a good backup app. I've been happy with RerWare Backup Pro.

I would like to add that if developers actually made use of Google's data backup API's (it's a shame that more don't), you'll get data back for those apps as well automatically.

Wow... nothing about using data recovery tools? What kind of device is it? I mean seriously, this article said nothing at all. You suck at advice.

You see, data on android isn't generally wiped, its deleted. This means the data is all still there but the tables must be rebuilt to access this data.

The procedure is different from device to device.
Get a linux undelete utility in binary format and root your phone.
Copy the utility to /data/local
Chmod 777 the utility
run the utility with a recursive option on the /data folder or the corresponding block found with the mount command.

Another method to obtain a undelete utility may be to load Ubuntu from an sdcard and obtain tools from there. Further answers may be found on Google.

If you don't feel comfortable, find a professional. This is something which must be handled with utmost care. A data recovery/forensics expert would be helpful.

The most important thing to remember is normal use of your device will overwrite data which was previously deleted.

MAN Adam this ain't XDA! Do you think they knew what you just said? Linux? Ubuntu? Chmod 777?

By the way great work on the B&N NT, been following.

If s/he could handle doing that, they probably wouldn't have asked the question in the first place.

Nothing against you man, but what you're saying sounds fairly advanced with lots of room for failure.

This happened to me too. Google has sync service for all androids. Just look in the settings> accounts & sync. Touch the section that has the G icon (for your google account) and it will give you options on what you want synced by Google. Check EVERYTHING. That will enable the Google servers to backup your contacts, calendar stuff, documents, and a whole lot more if you need. All to your Google email account. Even if your phone meets some terrible disaster and you need another Droid to replace it, you will have retained all that stuff for your new one. All it will need is you to type in and sync your existing Google account. It will all flash to your phone. No problems, no sweat!

wonder if youll be able to cloud sync apps/saves once google drive is out....that way you wont lose your angry birds progress lmfao