Somebody call Stockholm. Google today released Translate for Animals on the Android Market, marking the groundbreaking app that finally lets us humans communicate with our two-, three- and four-legged brethren.

The revolutionary applications -- which is free, despite the centuries of development time -- translates the speech of cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, horses, chickens, sheep, donkeys and pigs. Support for snakes, goats, bison and wildebeests is expected in a future update, slated for sometime in the the second half of 2010.

You can download Google Translate for Animals here. [Market link] More pics after the break. [via Google UK]

Google Translate for AnimalsGoogle Translate for Animals





Thanks, @mintbridge, for making our night. And for the record, we don't do April Fools tricks here. Consider yourselves safe come morning.

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draken says:

Why does this seem like an early April Fools joke?

Anonymous says:

its not our fault the US is behind the rest of the world :P

jms67 says:

You've got to be kidding right?

Anonymous says:

April Fools. Gotta love Google!

redman213 says:

I'm gonna test it right now...still think its BS.

NickF227 says:

Its a bit early ya'll.

redman213 says:

HA! they could have at least made it respond to sound i just tested it in silence and it gave some stupid translation.

Anonymous says:

Its not early if you consider America does not equal the whole plant. Lol

Anonymous says:

Planet :-)

garok89 says:

looks like google go by GMT for april 1st....

dfloors says:

hahaha i call grr-woof-woof-grr-grr-hoooowwl (Bullshit)

balaz says:

Too early!

ethan says:

The funniest part are some of the comments on the app, "Keeps force closing when I put it in my fishbowl". Nice.

good job google you got me for a min lol

nstark89 says:

I'm gonna have to try this one out...

gbhil#AC says:

My dogs say "5 Stars" :)

DCLocal says:


Ha Ha! says:

... now how about just releasing the damn Nexus for Verizon already.

Anonymous says:

in the description.... three-legged animal.... i have yet to see one!

rufflez says:

My neighbor had a three-legged dog. We called him Hop-A-Long.

Anonymous says:

Could be a very gifted human Male...

o2bnclemson says:

I just found out my dog hates me. This app sucks!! HAFD!

Jeryl31 says:

that app is insanely awesome lol, nice pig

rufflez says:

Hmm, I thought Mice were the animals that knew the meaning of life.
For those that didn't get the second picture, its in reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Jen says:

It's not early for everyone. It's been April 1 in Australia for the last 13 hours. Perhaps Google released it early to get maximum coverage.

Too bad it's not true though. That app would be awesome.

marcch says:


My pussycat loves it! She said "meow" = sucka!

Anonymous says:

hahahahaha! It's not google anymore either everyone it's TOPEKA! haha go check out google's homepage

Anonymous says:

Oh man this app is so awesome! "Whoever invented the wheel, was a total genius" and "Seriously, what's with the stick thing? It's getting old

Mike Dionis says:

Wow my cat thinks he is a gangster!

Anonymous says:

I knew it when there wasn't a QR code!!

wantone says:

Posted 31 March. Wrong date! Funny nonetheless.

txredwolf says:

I cannot find it in the market, and the link says the requested item could not be found, do we not get it here in the always behind everybody else U.S. of A.????

Anonymous says:

This is hilarious, way to go Google, well played.

Also, love the seaquest reference in the post's title

TvTechGuru says:

Hahaha, great April Fools Google! Hilarious, I knew right away it was too good to be true. Cause if it were, that would be an internationally epic, groundbreaking invention.

garaokinfo says:

so that app is insanely awesome lol
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