CTIA San Diego

We're here in sunny San Diego, Calif., for the fall CTIA show, better known as Enterprise and Applications. By now you've no doubt heard that the main event -- Samsung and Google's unveiling of the next Nexus phone and Ice Cream Sandwich -- has been put on hold for a bit. No matter. We're goint to bring you everything there is to bring from this thing.

And that starts Tuesday morning with the Day 1 keynote featuring the CEOs of Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, and there's plenty to come after that. So don't ya'll go nowhere, ya here?

(And for the really hardcore, be sure to follow @philnickinson on Twitter and Google+ for all the inside poop. Same goes for @anndrew and, erm, Anndrew on Google+.)

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soccerfon711 says:

"Inside poop".... lol, whaat?

i hope sprint announces better phones with ICS and 720p

hanano17 says:

I'd offer you a cookie, but im too greedy.

yankdez says:

nice. inside poop. didn't know this was a fetish site.

borgey401 says:

Ugh, this event is ruined now. I don't even want to talk about it.

I hope Samsung will announce the price and release date of the Galaxy Tab 7.7, I'd guess chances are better now that they won't be announcing the Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich they're going to have to find something to announce.

davidb72 says:

So disrespectful... Tsk, tsk, tsk....

lembowski says:

SD resident here, enjoy downtown SD. Let me know if you are looking for suggestions for dinner or nightlife!

xeroslash says:

Thanks for the pic! Now to copy and create my own badge...

Haha. Just kidding.


adjangs says:

Pretty sure Phil's name used to be "Nicholson"

Cool pic. Every time I see the San Diego Convention Center, I think of Comic-Con.