AT&T Developer conference

Android Central @ CES

Good morning from the Palms, people! We're here on the ground at the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit. What's in store? Dunno. Faster LTE? More devices? Only one way to find out. Hit the liveblog after the break!


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Live from the AT&T Developer Summit


are you serious??? "at att we are commited to openess" now here is our new android phone that you can put on your contract... that will lock you in for 2 years and wont let you get a diff phone unless you pay us more money... again.. "at att, we are committed to openess"

That is just about the worst example of what you are trying to say. All the carriers have contracts, and the phone you're putting on your contract is being sold to you at far less than the (admittedly ridiculous) retail price, so the contract is a pretty reasonable thing. They also don't have any problem with you getting a different phone, and why WOULDN'T you pay them more money again? Do you bitch at the grocery store because they make you pay for bananas EVERY WEEK? WTF! I just bought bananas a few days ago! Now you want me to pay again for more? NAZIS!