S4 Zoom S4 Zoom

'Zoom' looks even more like a Galaxy Camera in the flesh

The Samsung Galaxy S4 'Zoom' variant is looking yet more likely with the emergence of fresh, live action shots of the device this morning. The images come from German-based blog TechTastic and show a device almost identical to yesterday's leaked render. That is to say we're looking at a cross between a Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Camera -- right down to what looks like a tripod mount on the base of the device.

Today's images also highlight the device's thickness. The S4 Zoom isn't going to be anywhere near as pocketable as the average smartphone -- after all, the moving components for that 10X optical zoom have to go somewhere -- though it is significantly more compact than the Galaxy Camera. There's been no confirmation of internal specs just yet, but rumors indicate hardware similar to that of the Galaxy S4 Mini -- a dual-core 1.6GHz CPU, qHD SuperAMOLED display and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Behind that 10X optical zoom lens is said to sit a 16-megapixel sensor.

It's likely we'll see the S4 Zoom in the flesh for the first time at Samsung's "Premiere 2013" event in London on June 20.

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Source: TechTastic; via: SamMobile


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Live action Galaxy S4 Zoom images seem to confirm leaked renders


Hey Wait Just A Minute...

All of you said the same horrible things when my Galaxy Note 1 was created..

Hideous ! Ugly ! Fat ! Oh No ! I Would Not Get Caught Dead With That Thing !

( And yes, I know a lot of you still say these things about the Note 1 :-) )

But.. Give it time... Ya See.. You don't speak for the Planet.. There WILL be those that Love this thing !

Now, That Said,

I don't care who you are.. You are going to look like a NUT! holding a Camera up to your ear ( As view by anyone looking at you..) and talking into it.

A Bluetooth / Wired Earpiece should come standard Samsung.

And since packaging a Bluetooth / Wired Earpiece with this thing is MY idea, I want $0.50 for every unit you sell.. Or I'll file a lawsuit against you like Apple.

If this thing had high end specs instead of the mid-low end specs its rumored to be packing, I'd be all over it.

I said the same about the note 1. I now own a note 2. But only because it doesn't feel as big as the note 1 .The thing is that everyone wants thin phones(idk why). People ragged on the Nokia lumia phones (which I thought felt great) for being huge....this things a monster.

For what it's worth, I've come to find that "pocket bulk" is not in the length of an object per say, but in the thickness of it. This would feel HUGE, whereas the Note does not. (think of a passport, which is much longer/wider than your wallet, but can feel like NOTHING in your back pocket, yet an overloaded wallet stuffed with hundred dollar bills fills gigantic!) ;)

I'm a little disappointed in this... LOVED the idea, but this is by no means a daily use phone.

Galaxy s4 is getting crazy day by day!!!!
1st galaxy s4
2nd galaxy s4 mini
3rd galaxy s4 active
and now this piece of shit!!!!

if you don't like it don't buy it. who is forcing you to buy it. I do admit it's alot of phones, but I do go out of the way to criticize Samsung.

While the Galaxy Camera is a camera that happened to come with Android.

This..........thing is a S4 with a camera on its rear.............

I think this meant to be a camera that happens to have phone capability rather than a phone that has a great camera lol

And I thought you looked weird when talking on a Note 2... I can't imagine what you look like trying to talk to a point-and-shoot o_O

The more renders I see, the more it looks completely fake. I mean it honestly looks like garbage and a child built it, not a sweat shop child, but more of a first world country toddler whose broken daddy's stuff....

This is an abomination.

Does Samsung have any focus on their products? They seem to just be throwing darts at a board and making whatever it lands on.


Different people have different needs... Samsung is trying to capture all markets. Just choose the version that suits you best.

Look at it as a camera instead of as a phone. As a camera (with 10x optical zoom) it's a damn nice looking device.

I don't care much about the camera on my phone, but for all the crowing and strutting about who has the best camera on their phone, this has the potential to be big in the market. You'd look less stupid talking on this thing than you would taking a picture with an iPad.

Getting closer to the phone I would upgrade to. Somebody HAS to do a phone with a true camera with an optical zoom so we can get away from this stupid ultrawide lens nonsense.

It would be cool if the camera part was dockable and you could attach a regular S4 to it for picture taking. But I am good with my S4.

Everyone also laughed when Samsung released the note. After millions and millions were sold, they are quite normal to see now.

This isn't for me, but someone will like it.

Exactly... people laughed at the Note and it turned out to be a game changing and highly successful device.

Now the same idiots are crying about and laughing at the Galaxy S4 zoom...

Is it possible for Samsung to come out with something like back cover that has all this camera functionalities. You just flip back cover and you can have either good camera or just a phone, depending on an occasion. This here just looks like a bad idea to me.

Why? Why does Sammy need this? They already have the Galaxy Camera and they already have the S4 which has an amazing shooter on it. Why make more devices that require updating and keeping track of? It just slows down everything because that's another device that has to have is problems sorted out.. Just my 2 cents

"Amazing shooter"
You don't know much about cameras do you? For a smartphone, the S4 has a very nice camera.
Compared to an actual camera, it's a joke. It has very nice resolution, but very limited optics and zero zoom (digital zoom is not a zoom, it's cropping). A 10x optical zoom is a damn fine piece of camera work integrated into a smartphone.

This might actually get me to consider something other than a Nexus.

Wow, I see you are on a mission to educate us all... judging by your comments you must either be paid my Samsung do defend their products or you just have a boring life! Very boring indeed!

Is there really a market for this? I'll admit the idea is sound enough, but I still cant see myself, let alone anyone (though people will buy it, I'm sure of it), walking around with this in a pocket/hip-holster.
I'll have to think about my needs before buying my next phone/tablet, but I don't know if the camera needs to be "that good".

After talking to my wife, if she wasn't in love with her iPhone, this is the type of thing she would want - ie. a good camera (16 mp, 10x Zoom), expandable storage for music and all of her favorite apps (Facebook, YouTube and a shopping list app). So I guess there is a market, I wonder about the actual size and kinds of cases that will be available (for protection on runs and activities)

This is definitely one of those things we (and Samsung) will look back at next year and say "whoever came up with this idea should be fired"

I'm kinda into it. it looks like the total thickness is only about 3 S4s, and it was sounding like it's going to be closer in size to the S4 Mini, I don't know about you guys' pants, but that thing sounds very pocketable to me. That said, I just got the HTC One and an Olympus micro 4/3rds DSLR recently, so there is no way I'll be picking up one of these. But perhaps if I hadn't already made those purchases, and following an in person inspection of it's form factor and performance, I might have been drawn to this monstrosity.

I don't know why people are hating on this so much though, it's a perfectly normal evolution of camera phone. My only beef is with Samsung plastering galaxy s over everything these days.

In summary, I will be following the development of this phone with great interest, so please don't make me sift through a ton of Debbie Downers every time.

You have got to be kidding me. I love Samsung but this is just to much. It looks comical, like something from an SNL skit.

I don't think this is such a bad idea. Lots of people hardly ever use their phones for talking in the first place. It's really basically just another Galaxy Camera which you can make an occasional call on when the need arises.

So ugly, I hope I see someone in the wild with this phone so I can laugh in their face. Loudly. Maybe they'll take a picture of me doing it?

I don't think this was meant to be pretty or elegant. (God forbid. They might get sued again. Apple - "we have a patent on streamlined.") There will be people that want it, and people that don't. Why are you so caught up on its aesthetics? Its obviously not about that. Remember that some of us might think your significant other is ugly, but we ain't gotta go home to them...

Name another Android phone with optical zoom.
Name another Android phone with a 10x optical zoom.

This will sell very, very well.

I hope this has the REAL S4 internals and not the S4 mini internals.

Think of the massive battery they could put in a chassis this big. I really hope it slot loads like a real digital camera.

The chassis HAS to be that big in order to handle REAL digital camera optics and equipment, not smartphone grade junk. it didn't magically get extra room for a bigger battery. if anything, things are probably tighter in there.

Galaxy s4 is getting crazy day by day!!!!
1st galaxy s4
2nd galaxy s4 mini
3rd galaxy s4 active
and now this piece of shit!!!!

It's breathtaking...


I wonder what that break in the plastic on the bottom of the phone is for.

I'm guessing its for battery/sd card replacement. Can't imagine removable back with the mechanicals for the lens. Now, make it waterproof...

This looks like it will be a beast in your pocket........the Nokia EOS looks much more manageable for a smartphone with KAC (Kick A$$ Camera).....same form as Lumia 920, with a slight bulge where the camera pops out - http://www.wpcentral.com/nokia-eos-41-megapixel-windows-phone-camera-cau...

41mp pureview camera with optical image stabilization, and lossless zoom.....seems to be all I would need in a camera phone (the OS is another story, im talking hardware only) - ill take my SLR for anything else.