Line2 for Android

If you've been looking for a new VOIP app for Android, you need to take a look at Line2. Forged form the bowels of Toktumi, Line2 is in the same vein as Google Voice in that you get a new phone number. But unlike Google Voice, it will place calls over Wifi or 3G/4G data when available, or over the regular network when it's not.

You get a 30-day trial, and it's $9.95 a month after that for unlimited calling and texting in the U.S. and Canada. It's still a little green, certified only for the Droid, Droid 2 and Droid Incredible, and it's a no-go on Galaxy S phones running Android 2.1 (that's all of us here in the States), and glitchy on the Evo 4G. But with the free 30-day trial, we'll give it a go.

Download link and video with Line2 from CES are after the break. Thanks, Ryan!

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Case42 says:

I had *such* high hopes for Line2. Started the free trial only to learn that there's no way it will work on a Galaxy S. Why? Because there's still no update to Froyo.

C'mon, Samsung. It's been like what, 8 months now since you promised 2.2.

peterfares says:

I just realized yesterday how old Froyo is and the Galaxy S phones in the US don't have it yet. It's just pathetic. I'm already on 2.3 (CyanogenMod) on my Desire Z and it's very stable.

Jjpp23 says:

What would be the benefit if I have an unlimited plan from sprint on my evo? Just wondering.

Case42 says:

You could make/receive calls over Wifi, 3G, 4G etc. without being charged minutes. You might even be able to get a cheaper voice plan.

Jjpp23 says:


K1utch829 says:

umm i rather stick wit google voice still , still free change number samething thing but not paying nuttin

Case42 says:

Google Voice doesn't allow you to make calls over data.

KingAndroid says:

But isn't there a gingerbread feature that let's you make internet calls? Or is this geared toward users not on gingerbread yet? That would seem like a bad business decision to release an app with a feature that is coming in the next update. Especially a paid month to month one.

dchamero says:

And why would you pay money for this when you can do it for free with the NETtalk app?

Case42 says:

Didn't think NetTalk gave you a unique # or allowed you to receive incoming calls?

curney says:

I'm getting login failed on galaxy tab. Anyone else?

JonK says:

Google voice + sipgate = free calling over internet (incomming and outgoing). Using GVoice Callback makes all calls incoming calls to your SIP number. Then use gingerbread SIP feature (hacked to work over cell network), use CSIPSimple, or use SIPdroid.

curney says:

Jon, do you have a link with more detailed instructions?

JonK says:

Here is a decent guide:

Some differences, I use CSIPSimple instead of sipdroid. Your preference. If you are on gingerbread you can use the built in SIP client. There is a hack to enable it to work on cellular data. Google to find that. I dont know what is the best

Also, instead of the GV application he linked I use a program called google voice callback. You can find it in the market.

In sipgate you will want to remove all forwarding rules so that sipgate's voicemail never answers the call.

Good luck!

dhaag23 says:

Seems complicated ...

mrmanchine says: can do something much easier. Use the acrobitz app. It'll do the Google Voice call back for you automatically. Quality is a lot better than Sipdroid.

Arikara says:

Does this work on The Galaxy Tab? are did they remove the voice commands???? And will it assign you a different number for your Tab!

Arikara says:

Hey This works! Its a good Price too! I work where there is poor reception! Thanks! I would like recieve faxes also any apps out there?