Light Flow

After the roll out of Light Flow LED Control v3.0, Google went ahead and introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This introduced some changes that needed to be corrected within Light Flow LED Control and now we're seeing v3.0.4 roll out to correct those issues as well as a few others:

  • Jelly bean fix - this hopefully fixes most of the issues
  • Gmail switching off fix
  • Fix for several crashes which playing notification sounds
  • Fix for Motorola ICS calendar
  • Fix initialization settings so notifications are enabled correctly

If you've been having issues with Light Flow on your Jelly Bean device, go ahead and fire up the Google Play Store and grab the update. If you're new to Light Flow you'll find the download link below. Keep in mind, there is a free version available use as well in case you want to test it out before going all in.

Download: Paid, Free Thanks, eljedo!


Reader comments

Light Flow LED Control updated to v3.0.4, fixes for Jelly Bean included


must have app for the GNex! so glad he rolled out the JB support so quickly. The developer is fantastic. I totally tipped this story btw, no cred :( boourns

the galaxy nexus is my first phone with an LED, and I would find it very difficult to go back to something that doesn't have a light or isn't customizable. Does the EVO 4GLTE have a light?

Unfortunately far less reliable than it was on ICS & still doesn't play nice with other Apps requiring Accessibility Settings

I agree with eljedo, this is an amazing app and props for tipping the story ;).

I laugh when my friends with their CrApple iPhones keep turning their phones on to see if they have a notification.....but its so magical on my tiny screen :p

I'm hoping so too. I'm working on it, but at the moment can't make much more progress until my imported US S3 arrives (I think it's just left Miami). I've already go a Euro one, but that worked already.

Had to set up all my notifications again after the update, and it still doesn't clear the SMS notification properly...

Other than that, it's great. Loved it on the GNex, and still love it on my Razr Maxx...

Why didn't you just restore a backup? I thought I was going to have to redo mine as well, but I just pulled my backup and restored it and it worked like a charm!

Try go into your phone settings, accessibility and uncheck lightflow and then select it again. This may help. If not, get in touch via the lightflow website.

Light Flow is THE most important app I have on my GNex.
A quick restore of settings and I was back in business after this update.

Coming from a Blackberry I really wish it would play well with the US S3. It's one of only a few things I miss from my old storm.