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Looks like HTC's quad-core Endeavor may have some competition at MWC, as it seems LG is prepping its own Tegra 3-powered beast, dubbed the LG X3 (P880). MoDaCo has obtained screenshots from the alleged device, showing an impressive Quadrant 2.0 score of over 4400 along with kernel info and other techie stuff.

The site also reports a fearsome list of specs, including the aforementioned 1.4 GHz Tegra 3 chip (1.5GHz when in single-core mode) -- a 4.7-inch, 720p display, 2000mAh battery, and 8MP/1.3MP front and rear cameras. There's also 16GB of built-in storage, expandable via microSD card. And as you may have guessed, it's powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

What's equally interesting, to us at least, is that the screenshots from the X3 appear to be very, very close to vanilla ICS. LG has taken a lot of heat over the quality of its software in the past, so we're sure many will be salivating over the potential combination of LG build quality, a quad-core chip and pure, vanilla Android. On the other hand, these shots are likely from a pre-production unit, so things may change. In any case, we'll be eager to get our hands on this thing in Barcelona, assuming the reports of an MWC unveiling are correct.

You'll find a couple more screenshots over at the source link.

Source: MoDaCo


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LG X3 revealed - new flagship device with Tegra 3, 720p display


No NFC? Fail.

Every newer high-end phone that comes without NFC should just go back where it came from. Right now it's not that much used but it's not gonna change if only like 3% of all phones have it especially with Beam baked into the OS.

Ditto...surprised NFC isn't in the specs as well. Doesn't make sense.

Hope it comes to T-Mobile. I was at the Valentine's event this weekend and the salesdroid was trying to convince me that a 720p display isn't visible to people compared to a Samsung Galaxy S II...LOL. I told him I've seen 720p phones already and he should go play w/ one at a Verizon/AT&T store :-)

I am once bitten, twice shy with LG. I got the G2X because it was good hardware running vanilla android -- surely it would stay more up to date than phones with custom overlays, right? Sadly that has not been the case.

Agree.. I won't be buying another LG phone until they start to show some commitment to their existing customers. They take your money then don't want to know any more. HTC, Sony, Motorola etc have got the right idea now, and you can feel reasonably confident that you won't be using an out-of-date OS on your £500 phone 6 months after buying it. Not so with LG.

I have a G2X and am thrilled with it. Initially I had the same outlook as you with the stock builds and updates sucking ass and slow to fruition. With custom ROMs and kernels though the device comes to life and is fast and stable. Once ICS gets ironed out for it, currently in Alpha CM9, the device will be that much better. So I will definitely be keeping this on my radar to see how the dev community handles it. If it gets the same support as the G2X LG may have a repeat customer.

LG is finally getting back in the game.

HD and 4.7" are the specs that a consumer will notice.

Way to go LG! You can compete Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Motorola, can you figure this out?

It depends. It will run on 2.6.3x based kernels too. So it just means they are not on the 3.x base yet. The Transformer Prime is on a 2.6.39 based kernel on ICS stock from the factory. That is just what nvidia has working with their Tegra 3. The Galaxy Nexus is 3.x based though.