LG working on the Optimus Big - 4.3" NOVA display, silly name

Looks like LG is sticking to their Optimus naming conventions here, but we can't help but wonder how this one came about. The LG Optimus Big as it's been dubbed got caught up in some photos on its way to Korean carrier U+. 

The device itself has been noted as taking some of its styling queues from the LG Optimus 2X with the exception of the screen that now gets bumped up to 4.3 inches and of course makes use of NOVA technology.

Other specs call for a 1GHz single-core processor and a T-DMB TV tuner that leads us to believed we may never see this outside of Korea-- but time will tell. [XPortsNews via Phone Arena]

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drPheta says:

Too bad Optimus Prime couldn't be selected.

Are LG and Samsung the same company now?! That looks like the Galaxy S2. Weird.

jdm4u says:

hah i was thinking the same thing. Plus LG's UI is basically the same as Touchwiz. hmmm.

dchawk81 says:

It makes the iPhone look impotent.

efn77mx says:

LG and Samsung have been one in the same for a while now. Only recently has it shown on their smartphones, but their dumbphone selection has been almost identical for a long time.

leews24 says:

Let us keep in mind that U+ is originally LG Telecom.
Plus LG said that this is an exclysice for U+
Which was always left on the smartphone market due their low end lineup.

IceDree says:

It looks like a Galaxy S (I9000\I9003SL versions) on steroids
Not , a cool design to begin with , they could've chose a better looking phone to copy in the first place

plus , Their naming system needs to be changed , why every phone is called Optimus ????
pretty soon they will run outta letters to use

rexdeaz says:

Between the Samsung "Charge" and the Optimus "Big" i think it's safe to say the Android name game has jumped the shark.