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It’s been awhile since we’ve spotted a new LG flagship phone headed for the U.S., so those leaked shots you see above, purportedly showing the LG VS930, have arrived right on schedule. The pics, obtained by Engadget, show an apparently Verizon-branded version of the Optimus LTE II, and come with a list of alleged specs, too.

It seems the VS930 (a possible Spectrum II, perhaps?) runs a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, with a 4.7-inch 730p IPS display, 16GB storage and global radios, in addition to Big Red’s CDMA and LTE. Also said to be included is NFC support, 1GB of RAM and an 8MP rear camera. On the software side, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is running the show, along with LG’s Optimus UI 3.0. Design-wise, the phone is a spitting image of its international cousins, the Optimus LTE II and Optimus 4X HD.

A leaked service manual has also emerged, showing in-depth technical info, along with screenshots from the device and photos of internal components. As for when the device will eventually appear on Verizon, the service manual suggests a shipping date of this Friday, July 13. Given that we don’t know how old this document is, and the fact that it’s pretty close to Verizon’s expected Galaxy S III launch date, we’d be surprised to see this device arriving so soon. Nevertheless, it looks like the VS930 is ready to go, so it’s certainly possible we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

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LG VS930 photos and service manual leak, looks like an Optimus LTE II for Verizon


Hopefully the pics are from preproduction units as well. It still has pre ICS capacitive soft key layout.

It's the little things that matter LG. Attention to detail if you want to gain market share.

That's an ICS App Switch button in there. So they combined ICS and GB buttons o__0

(they made the legacy menu button a capacitive button)

Exactly. At least they didn't do what HTC did. Sure, I get that HTC was sticking to the new Android design guidelines where the legacy menu should go away, but until enough apps get on board, HTC's implementation is just plain ugly.

With my One X, I remapped my menu key to the app_switch key and got rid of the onscreen since HTC messed up multitasking ans I don't use it anyway.

yeah, not my cup of tea......
also Alex, 730P? hahaha....the new fad....i am going to up your screen specs by 10 pixels

Why is it that phones are still being released with Dual Core? Why is that even still being tossed around? Get with the times people. These things need a 3300 mAh battery, and quad core. When one phone manufacturer blows the rest out of the water with new tech, why not at least match it instead of releasing phones with outdated, underwhelming specs?

The S4 Snapdragon (dual core) is just as good as the Tegra3 (quad core) and in some cases, better.

Tegra3 is 40nm tech, while S4 is 28nm tech.

so, S4 chip isn't underwhelming, it's actually quite powerful, especially for 4G LTE.

I will take an S4 over a Tegra3 any day of the week. Tegra3 looks good on paper, but it is still made by Nvidia and has horrible support.

True. Innovation is for the birds. No sense in pushing the envelope or anything when it comes to cell phones. This is why LG will always be a joke when it comes to phones. Because their board room is full of a bunch of these guys (Butters).

"So should we try to take risks here?"

Butters: "Name one other quad core SoC that currently works natively with North American LTE bands?"

"Okay yeah you're right. Let's not take any risks or try to develop anything new."

What are you talking about? You clearly have no idea. Samsung, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and TI are all pushing hard to get to quad-core chips with integrated LTE support in North America. Most of them will be out later this year. You can't just magically snap your fingers and have the chip.

LG could either choose a dual core with integrated LTE (what they did), go with a quad core and an external LTE chip (which would absolutely destroy the battery life), or push the phone's release back to December. That's it. Those are the only choices.

Stop trying to be an internet tough guy. You are bad at it.

But you are right about the battery though.3000+ mAh sized batteries should be the standard on all "Flagship" Android devices. What bothers me is even after all the positive press Motorola recieved about the RAZR MAXX's battery life they STILL haven't installed it in any of their other phones.Makes no sense.

They haven't made a quad core chipset compatible with the 4g lte here yet. That's why the gs3 is dual core in the US.

So I guess their goal here was to have completely the opposite aesthetic of the SGS3, while still managing to also go against Android design guidelines. While Samsung made every effort to make the phone feel smaller than it is and fit your hand, LG wants you to be acutely aware that you are holding a giant brick, and so as not to make it feel like an even bigger Razr, they made sure to leave the corners on as well, and made them sharp enough to cut yourself on (you know, so you'll always remember this phone). Then there's the fact that they used ICS style buttons and placement, but for some insane reason they decided to paint the navbar onto the device rather than have it be flexible, as intended. This way, they avoid any branding "benefits" from hard buttons, as HTC and Samsung have done, while still managing to piss off Google and AOSP fans by violating the Android design guidelines.

It's the worst of all possible worlds design-wise, with what appears to be a downgraded battery and of course less RAM compared to the SGS3. With the Samsung already starting at $199, I'm sure LG will sell a ton of these... That IPS display better be amazing, is all I have to say.

EDIT: Sorry if I sound bitter, I'm still upset about my SGS3 having a locked bootloader, its nothing personal, I swear.

I have this phone is yet to have a name but I do have it don't believe me ask me for pics I could send them with your username in the pic