We've known for quite some time the LG Vortex was going to be arriving on Verizon and it seems it's coming sooner rather than later. That is, at least, according to a flier sent out by Verizon itself. As posted in the Android Central Forums, the fliers clearly show off the LG Vortex as coming soon. As noted previously, Verizon customers will be able to scoop up the Bing'd out Vortex for free when it finally does arrive in stores and online. Thanks DroidEye22!


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LG Vortex coming soon, according to Verizon ad


Last week, when my wife's Palm Pre Plus died for the 4th time, Verizon offered her a free LG Vortex as a replacement on what they called a 'private sale.' We declined because 1) we would have been accepting a new phone that we couldn't touch and feel before committing, and 2) they couldn't tell us how soon we would get it. We opted for the DInc for $100 dollars ($50 off.) They also offered the Moto Citrus but we declined for the same reason as the LG Vortex. They would have given us the Citrus for $30.

If I may ask how were you able to get $50 off the DI? I am on my 4th or 5th Eris and all they offered me was either an early upgrade(so any phone that is new at full upgrade price) or LG Ally or Devour as a replacement.

Now if this had the same res and specs as the Optimus S, and they offered me it, I probably would have said yes, as the cpu is slower than snapdragon phones(faster than the Eris/Hero), but it has the same gpu as them.

Is "pak" mis-spelled in that ad on accident, or is that for some reason intentional when everything else is correct... or is something EVEN LARGER at play!?

I just upgraded to a Droid X on Friday. When I talked to the CS rep on the phone, she told me that a few new phones are coming out on the 18th. The Vortex was one of them. The rest were all crap-tastic phones.