While Sprint and T-Mobile have made use of LG's Optimus name, Verizon has taken its own path and will launch the device as the LG Vortex. The latest word surrounding the launch is that Verizon will be giving the device away for free after a $100 rebate that you get in the form of a debit card. If you're looking to get an Android 2.2, Wi-Fi hotspot capable device on the cheap (and with a low-res screen to go with it) the LG Vortex seems to fit the bill just right. Any takers now that you know it'll be basically free? [Engadget]


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LG Vortex to be free on Verizon with contract


The problem is then you buy the device twice. Once up front then on payments while you have service as there is no off subsidy price. If other carriers introduce service pricing with and without phone subsidy I might do it. But I can't stomach paying full price and then still making monthly payments for the phone.

T-mobile offers two prices. Also with Verizon, you can make basically any phone a prepaid account. You're not really "saving money" but you're not tied to a contract either. Phone's are more loss leaders to entice you into lucrative contracts rather than contracts being the way carriers recoup their losses. Contracts existed before subsidies did. The subsidies came into play to entice you to them. I would love to see more non-subsidy discounts, but I don't expect to see it until carriers (and consumers) consider retail pricing a viable alternative. Currently neither do.

Lol this is AndroidCentral, I doubt most of the people who come here are new Android users, this will not satisfy power users one bit.

While most commenters are long time users, there are a LOT of people who come to this site that are new android users or "everyday" users. I know a ton of them.

This is good for those wanting to enter the android community without paying for a top of the line product.

thanx, no thanx... I would pay the extra $200 bucks and get a decent android, but glad they give a option for the free stuff customer who don't gives a crap... wish they would make android (lower end) with out the internet been mandatory, WiFi is every where and lots of people cant afford the extra $30 monthly.

You can get $15 for 150mb. but unless you're a hawk with your usage, I doubt most people could keep android usage under 150mb even if they are under wifi 95% of the day. And if data was optional on this phone, it wouldn't be free. More than likely between 150-250 on contract

Low-End & Bing'd.....It doesn't get any better than that.*sigh* Just like Clow said "Buy Top-End". When you can buy a high-end device like the HTC Droid Incredible for a $100 it doesn't make sense to cheap-out.The real cost over time is the Data Plan.Get the most use out of that Data Plan.

Majority of users don't see it this way though. I've seen people choose a CLEARLY inferior phone, that they didn't like over one they did for as little as $20 in the phone costs. Until customers realize the actual cost of devices and start buying appropriately, carriers will be able to get away with Binging low end devices.

If 20 bucks would make them or break them maybe they should check out the basic phone section