T-Mobile Event

The release of the T-Mobile G2X smartphone and G-Slate tablet must be nigh, because ol' Magenta is having a little get-together next week in the city that never sleeps. Don't worry, we'll take you all long for the ride, of course. So be sure you're back here next Wednesday night, April 20, as the whole thing goes down. See our list of upcoming Android events


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LG throwing G2X, G-Slate event in NYC


It's odd that this isn't before the actual launch day, which is tomorrow (online). Or at least on the 19th which is the day before the in store availability.

Still not sure if I want the G2X or the Nexus S.

Heh...beat me by a minute

Luckily I'll be able to have both side by side within their 30 day return periods.

I'd be interested to get your thoughts. This will be my first android device, and I'm convinced that stock android is the way to go. Just how important is dual core is the next thought. Granted I don't plan on upgrading until my contract is up, so maybe the future proofing of dual core is the way to go.

Ummmmm G2x you still get Stock and alot more horse power. Even with 2.2 I'd get the g2x because its more future proof....IF i was on T-Mobile. Bit I'm on Sprint and I'm waiting for my EVO3D

I may actually switch to T-Mo. VZW is falling behind pretty quickly when it comes to phones. And according to Black Man X's most recent post stock will never be an option. That and i also get HSPA+ where I live and work.