LG Star

Just a few weeks after we first saw a glimpse of the LG Star, it makes another appearance, this time showing off more than just the screen and battery door.  We're seeing HDMI out, a decent look at LG's custom Froyo OS, and even a benchmark of the Tegra2 chipset in action.  All that's left is to find out if and when this baby will ever reach North America, and how the chipset preforms once a version of Android that supports dual core processors is installed.

There's a gallery of pics at the source link, be sure to have a look.  [Phandroid]



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LG Star makes another appearance, shows off UI and a benchmark


I am not a fan of LG. I used a Xenon waiting for at&t to get a good android phone. I hated it and the star's UI looks like the Xenons UI.

How long do you think people that care like us will be using that UI? Launcher Pro/ADW first, and CM won't likely be more than a few months behind. Hardware is more important to me. Speaking of which, that looks like a full HDMI port?

Never thought about that. Launcher Pro would be on that thing in 2 minuets after first boot for me! haha.

one thing i hate about smartphones is that they all look the same come on LG MOTOROLA HTC SAMSUNG CAN U COME UP WITH SOME NEW DESIGNS

Samsung Did. it's called the continuum. and people are complaining because of how different it is. Path Dependence is a powerful foe to innovation.

A Quadrant score of 1759 is a little disappointing, considering that a stock Desire HD scores around 2000. I understand that CPU tests in Quadrant are probably all single-threaded, so they don't make use of the 2nd core, but still...

In reading about the gtablet and it's tegra 2, android 2.2 itself can't support multicore apps. Hopefully 2.3 will.

Stock 2.2 on Desire doesn't get 2000, it gets around 1400, custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and LeeDroid can do about 1900-2000, this LG is stock.

LG's aren't bad, they're kind of new to the Android game though, the LG Shine Plus (or Ally) is decent with one of the best physical keyboards and I switch to standard Android UI and slap Zeam Launcher ontop of it.

No one likes these freaking custom skins.

Manufacturers, vanilla is the way to go. It'll give more value to your products and a better user experience. Please, please, for the love of god, quit. You're killing the Android Market. You're killing the potential to have nice apps like the iPhone and even Windows Phone 7.

This will enable you to stay on top of updates and have far less fragmentation.

Just, please... Do it. Fix it. You know you want to.

I agree 100% I love my Captivate but i'm probably going to stuck with froyo and not get Gingerbread. I really want Vanilla android due to speedy updates.

Sadly manufactures are very close minded, and are trying to differentiate themselves from competitors by adding UI modifications to make Android more user friendly for the casual user. None of them care about fragmentation or slow updates, and neither do main stream consumers.

Hopefully Google steps up and makes the OS itself more user accessible without scaring the "normal" users. That and maybe making it easier for manufactures to add skins that are less intrusive, like LauncherPro. Until then, all we can do is support Vanilla handsets and show manufactures how much faster and better vanilla devices are compared to their slow clunky OS modified phones.

I have yet to see one shred of evidence supporting this claim of stock android = faster updates. It looks to me like it's harware drivers that cause the delays. Look at HTC. Sense is a super heavy skin, yet they were on the ball, updating the desire very soon after the Nexus one. Hardware is almost identical, one is heavily skinned. Makes you go hmmmmmmmmm.

Also, what apps is this "fragmentation" killing. As a minor app dev, I've had no problems. Even the big rovio thing was just "UPDATE: Old slow phones can't game as well" Big woop.

I have to agree with you, I have yet to see where the UI is causing a delay in updates except for maybe the cliq and well I will leave that turd alone.

I do not mind the Touchwiz on my Vibrant, and my MT3Gv1.2 is still running 1.6 and that is the stock interface.

Just my 10 cents worth.