G Watch

The first good look at LG's newest wearable

While much of the Internet love affair with Android Wear centers around the Moto 360, plenty of folks are just as interested in LG's G Watch and it's more angular design. We haven't really had a good look at the G Watch from the existing press, and it's nice to get a decent picture.

LG has posted a new picture on their Facebook page showing a good head-on look at their Android Wear offering. It looks a lot like existing smartwatches, which makes sense — especially on a touch-enabled device.

We're not going to pass any judgment — even though most readers seem to have done so already — and look forward to giving this one a spin.

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LG shows off the G Watch in all its rectangular glory


As sexy as I think both of the watches are; a: I think the bezels are too big on the lg, b: I want a bigger watch. From the pics I've seen the moto would look pretty dinky on my wrist... That and I just like bigger watches. If moto makes a watch that looks exactly the same as the 360, but scaled up I would be 100% in.

I realize bulky watches are popular. Just visit a watch (jewelry) store. I prefer thin like Movado.

But they aren't smartwatches. I used to wear a watch but it broke. :( the next watch I buy is definitely going to be a smartwatch.

Convenience Stores, especially in smaller towns, have those watches you're looking for. You know, the ones in the clear cases. Those watch faces engulf Shaq's hands.

Convenience stores sell smartwatches?? Where have I been.... Is there no such thing as user preference anymore? I think small watches on bigger dudes looks dumb. I prefer larger watches. Sorry my views don't match up with yours.

I didn't say smartwatch. I said watches. You said you like large watches and I gave you an option. And yeah, some corner stores do sell extra large watch faced watches. Extremely cheap ones.

Besides, I never said in ANY way that your view was different than mine. Wasn't even implied. But I was being facetious and I apologize.

I see where ur coming from.. Yeah I've seen some nice big face watches, I'm not a big dude but I still wouldn't mind if the 360 was a little bigger. The only thing is that'll make the price too high.

That's what I'm curious about, too. LG said it will be "aggressively priced" so I'm super interested in what that actually means. If this thing costs $100 less than the Moto one, that will decide it for a lot of people.

Exactly. if the specs are identical and this one is cheaper, I will get this one. And it probably will be. Circular LCD displays don't come cheap.

Gotta say that the Moto 360, for me, would absolutely be worth a $100 premium to this, all other things equal. Again it's all preference. I mean, I'd pay $100 more for a non-smart watch that I loved the look of compared to one that I didn't like as much, even though they both tell me the time. Fashion is a big point in all this - it's not just the spec and price war that we often see in smartphones.

I would buy this one for $100 total, and not a penny more. My HTC One only cost me $100. I will not be paying more for a smartwatch than I would for a smartphone. I really hope LG and others realize these things are accessories, and not products in-and-of themselves, that can function independently from smartphones. Although, if they could, a higher price tag would surely be justified.

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Hey dummy you didn't REALLY pay $100 for the HTC One, that's a subsidized price. Economics 101.

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Economics? But that's too hard! And it takes too long to learn. I want my government handout and some charity - they work my problems out for me.


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I understand not paying more than 100 but your phone did not cost you $100. You most likely signed a contract and therefore end up paying for the phone in the long run. On the other hand if you bought it on swappa then you paid full price and it didn't cost you $100.

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That's the beauty of choice. Personally this watch is a non-starter for me. I am in business attire most of the time, and I want something that looks really professional but also could be worn out to a bar in casual clothes. This foots the bill perfectly - it looks just like a non-smart watch I'd buy for that same use. I love that it's subtle, not an instant conversation starter like Google Glass (which I am fascinated by, but just can't see myself wearing). The LG G Watch screams tech geek (which I am), but that's not what I'm going for in most scenarios. Can't wait to see the look on people's faces when my seemingly normal fashionable watch does something Googley and awesome.

If we're not going to pass any judgement then what's the use of living anymore?

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Why is there always somebody complaining about the bezel size? Watches have bezels, deal with it

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The moto 360 barely has bezels. Any regular watch barely has bezels. Why do you need bezels? It should be edge to edge. You don't hold a watch, it holds you.

Something has to hold the screen in place. That's why phones with edge to edge screens haven't surfaced yet.

"We're not going to pass any judgment — even though most readers seem to have done so already — and look forward to giving this one a spin."

Well, a rectangle doesn't seem to spin very well... you're better off spinning the Moto360 :P
Oh, yeah, and it does look... well, too generic. I'll have to see both in person, but I'm still keeping the Moto360 on my birthday gift wishlist so far :)

This and a G2 is the perfect tech combination.

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I love how they tell you that's that your Samsung Galaxy S5 is powered by Android and how the LG G Watch is powered by Android Wear!!!!!!! Defiantly looking to get the LG G Watch or the Moto 360 for my Moto G!!!!!!!!:)

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I want to go swimming with my smartwatch. When that happens I'll consider buying.

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Nothing says you can't, it isn't an anchor

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Dangit guys!! Come ON!! Those features are lame. It's gotta have a chick seducing serum that you can spray in the vicinity of any women and instantly get laid!!

Axe body spray would sue for patent infringement

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Guys, you DO realize that moosc is talking about using the watch UNDERWATER....right? What one BASIC thing MUST you have if you want to use electronics underwater? DUH! SONAR! What use is a portable computer if you can't use it to make maps of underwater caves? Jeez, getting worked up over crappy deodorant and lawsuits....how juvenile.

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Pebble design looks stylish compared to this.
360 is definitely more appealing.

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VZW Moto X

I don't care what shape it is, just want thinner than the 360. I hate big watches and the 360 looks like an Oreo on your wrist.

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I agree about the 360 but I don't think it is the thickness that makes it look like that, it's the fact that it goes from a thick watch face to a thin strap. Most of watches (non smart) bevel where the watch meets the band, if the 360 did that it would look just fine. But without the bevel it looks bad.

I, too, am wondering about thickness.
In the photos, the LG looks very thin and the Moto looks quite thick, but that might be misleading. I can deal with a big watch, but not a thick one. Thickness causes problems with shirts/jackets, etc. Will be nice when we get real specs.

I want the G Watch over the Moto 360 so, yeaaaah. I'm glad to see this.

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I was initially all about the Moto 360 and I still think it is the better looking of the two. However, if the G Watch is significantly cheaper for the same functionality, I'll go with that instead.

I agree. Price is definitely a big deciding factor for me as well

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Price will determine where this places. If it's dramatically more affordable than the Moto 360, it'll sell well. Assuming other functionality is intact. If they're close to the same price, and/or they're both crazy expensive, this will be dead.

I'm not ready to dismiss it, personally. My eye is almost exclusively on the 360, but its build makes me suspect it'll be pricey, even if Motorola's been trying to lean toward making their stuff available to all. I'm pretty much set on getting an Android Wear watch, so price will definitely be A determining factor.

Can't wait for the new Martian smart watches to come out. Will wait until they do cause they are sharp.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

Meh, while I love the smartwatch concept, I've yet to find one that appeals to me. Even though the concept is brilliant, in my opinion there is no possible way to get a smartwatch "just right" I mean, even 10 years ago, I had this watch that was designed for fishing, it had a digital display which obviously showed the time and date, but then it also showed the weather (temp/sunny, partly cloudy, overcast, rain, snow, etc) the status of the moon, high tide/low tide, and rated fishing conditions from 1 (low) thru 5 (high) the display like I said was digital colorless LCD and the visuals were very minimal. What I'm getting at is, that watch was able to display a good amount of resourceful things on a traditional watch. Now today we have the smartwatch, which is marketed as a device to keep your smartphone in your pocket a lot more by allowing the user to simply check their wrist to access and interact with apps/features normally reserved for a smartphone. After reading hundreds of articles, reviews, and threads on smart watches from all shapes and sizes, I came to this conclusion... I like pulling out my htc one, I like using my htc one, I have always liked using all of my Android handsets and I actually haven't owned a watch of any kind since my first Android smartphone because it shows the time. Since I love using and interacting with my Android smartphone and tablets so much, which many people do, the idea of a smartwatch although at first sounds awesome, when I really think about it, the idea of keeping my nice beloved Android handset in my pocket more often is not at all appealing! I pull out my htc one all the time just because, many times I will pull out my Android handset without any real reason at all, I like the experience and I like jumping on my Android phone whenever I can, and I'm sure most smartphone users across all platforms don't keep their handsets tucked away until they hear it ring, chime, perform a planned task, or having to have a real reason to be on it. So with ALL that said, in my opinion, a smartwatch would not really be desirable for me! I would much rather be on my htc one and even love when I have an actual excuse to check it. Basically, I realized that if I owned a smart watch, i would view it as a spoiler to my beloved android phone, and the experience of randomly grabbing it to check my notifications, weather, forums, SMS, random scrolling about, no reason except just because and if I had a smartwatch on my wrist right now and I saw the weather, I would still whip my phone out and check it again. I would also think that many people would share the same view as me, didn't spend all that money on a phone packed with features and entertainment to leave it in your pocket. And if anyone counters that with a comment about being on their phone all the time even with a smart watch, then why did they buy the smartwatch? The phone does it better, and it certainly wasn't for the fashion statement, maybe curiosity is an acceptable answer. Either way, that is my perception of every smartwatch I have seen to date, and Im waiting for one that is just so good, that offers some kind of feature that makes it stand out, and has that "must have" appeal.

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I like it over the Moto but I also like the Sony Smartwatch 2 on my wrist now which is a similar design.

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Yes. Yes it is. In the original picture it looks absolutely stunning. But in this picture: DAMN UGLY!

I am out. Too many questions open (IP67? Price? release date? Can it make calls? 3rd party apps? HeartRate Sensor?)

I preordered a Neo. 200 is a good price.

In a few month we have way more AW watches. THEN i choose one. Why take the first.