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Monday, Feb. 25 is the first official day of Mobile World Congress, and things look set to start bright and early in Barcelona with the unveiling of new smartphones by LG. The manufacturer's done its best to drum up publicity for its MWC line-up in recent days, though there's been little in the way of firm info about the devices themselves.

If we had to guess, we'd say the Optimus G Pro and new L-style phones are likely candidates for the morning event, but we'll just have to wait and see. We'll be live from Barcelona on the day, so stick with Android Central for full coverage of LG's new devices.


Reader comments

LG set to unveil new phones on Feb. 25 at MWC


Will they unveil something awesome, or just some more quad core phones? is the question.

Octo core isn't really needed or neccessary any time soon, so with quad core still being perfectly fine, manufacturers will have to turn to other things to make their phones a clear winner as opposed to marginially better. Not that I would be opposed to an octo core phone, as long as the rest of the specs are good instead of laughable.

Challenge: Deliver something that 2012 phones didn't have (hardware wise) and can't upgrade to with a software update.

Sure I finally get an Optimous G and LG announces more phones. ...oh wait. We won't ever see them here. In the US.. .. and if we do it will be months later and different anyway. ... lol