As much as we're trying to duck it, it appears that 3D screens are just around the corner for smartphones. We saw one in the Sharp Galapogos at CES earlier this month. And LG's press invite for Mobile World Congress seems to indicate we're about to see more. "Into the new dimension" is what we're told to expect. Add to that the appearance of an "LG Optimus 3D" phone at a Dutch retailer, and it's looking more and more likely that we'll be seeing that new dimension.

We'll find out in a couple weeks. And we'll be there, of course,with or without 3D glasses.


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LG promises 'new dimension' next month at Mobile World Congress


As long as you can disable the effect I don't care if it is in every phone made from here on out. I will never use it.

Most people don't want it, at least that is what it seems like to me based on forum posts and polls. People like the novelty of it at a large screen theater once in awhile but that's about it. Manufacturers and movie studios are shoving it down our throats as it is another source of revenue for them.

Yep, give me more pixel density and keep your 3D. That's how you really fool my brain into thinking something is real. Also, give me a nonglare, "looks like you can put your finger right through it" screen.

With you on that. Don't need 3D. More pixels. Better battery life. No BS gimmicks that serve no useful purpose. Will be avoiding 3D if I have to keep my EVO longer than I want to.

Agreed. I'm still not satisfied with their screen offerings in terms of pixel density, visibility in sunlight and battery savings yet they're already shifting their focus to what's purportedly next in line. sigh

So we would have to wear 3D glasses? Oh that would go over just great .. more people falling into fountains because 3D Facebook and Twitter are in their field of vision. Just awesome. NOT!

I would guess that it uses a glasses-free 3D display, like the 3DS or that new Bloggie3D that Sony showed off at CES.

I hope that it is implimented without glasses, using headtracking.

Like this:


I think that 3D displays are an exciting advancement and shouldn't be shot down before their full use can be determined.
Unknown benefits are always possible with new technology.

For instance take camera phones; They have been repurposed into bar-code scanners, lenses for Augmented Reality apps, Video Chat, web cams, etc...

No one could predict what adding a camera to a cell phone would bring, just like any new tech. Including 3D cell phone screens...
It might end up as quite a bit more then a novelty.

Another note, I think that the entertainment industry is more trying to shove the concept of 3D media down our throats then the people picking it up little by litte...like it should be.

I can name more people that dislike the 3D concept because of glasses than the people that do or actually go through the trouble of investing and enjoying a 3D display product.

3D can do whatever it wants as long as it keeps driving down the prices of sexy HD TV's and phones with usable screens.

3D isn't driving the price of anything down. It's a new technology that comes at premium prices. The only way it will become highly sought after is if it's in the next iPhone, otherwise what is the point of 3D on a phone? Do you need to read your e-mails in 3D? Do you need to look at websites in 3D? Are you typing documents or notes in 3D? No. Why would you want to watch 3D movies on a phone screen? We already have 3D games on Android phones? If someone could point out a reasonable use beyond selling movies and other content (i.e. making more money for the manufacturers and content providers), it might become interesting, but if all it is meant to do is trick consumers out of cash that could be better spent on something else that they might actually need, they can keep 3D on the PC, TV, and Cell phone. I don't need "bleeding edge technology". I need technology that does what I need it to do without costing an arm and a leg. That's my view. Yours may differ.

Oh look! Anothe keyboard-less slate design like every other.

Did I mention 3D is stupid?

3D is a jedi mind trick by the manufacturers to get you to pony up for technology you don't need in order to make them rich. i'm all for businesses making money and profits, but they need to start hiring so we can all prosper, not just the hand full at the top of the food chain. Anyone seen 3D work without some form of glasses?

Don't really see what the use of 3D is on an Android phone. On the iPhone it'd make a bit more sense because of the robust library of games, but on Android, I don't really see the point. Hell, how exactly does stereoscopic 3D work on a touchscreen, a screen that you interact with? Unless they only use the depth kind of 3D, and not the pop out 3D. Seems like it'd be better suited for hologram 3D, where you actually interact with the objects in real 3D, but no way is that coming to a phone anytime soon.

It works, and there are games and 3D software for Android - mostly in Japan, since so far that's the only place where 3D Android phones have been released (the Sharp Galapagos and Lynx 3D -- I have the latter).

It IS pointless, except to make people talk at parties when I offer to take 3D pictures... It's a good conversation piece hahahaha! Otherwise I haven't found a use for it.