LG is teaming up with TSMC to manufacture their own processors. LG has long used Qualcomm processors in their devices, but the move to design and build their own processors follows in the footsteps of Android rival Samsung, who has been manufacturing their own Exynos processors for years. Apple, too, has been designing their own processors, including the Apple A7 that powers the most recent generation iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

LG confirmed the move to their own application processors with The Korea Herald. They've partnered with TSMC of Taiwan to create these processors, with LG tackling the design and TSMC handling the manufacturing. TSMC has expanded rapidly in recent years, taking on more and more of Apple's processor business as Apple moves away from sourcing components from rival Samsung.

According the The Korea Herald's source on the matter, the upcoming LG G3 could find itself powered by these as-of-yet unnamed LG processors when its introduced this summer.

Source: The Korea Herald, Via: Phone Arena


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LG announces development of in-house mobile processors


Well. I guess i ain't getting the G3 this year. :l. Qualcomm does an amazing job with their processors and I'm certainly not moving away from it.
Why fix something that isn't broken?

They could at least hold up for a bit. Im praying that it doesn't come in the G3.

LG G2 > other phones

Yeah, might just be that LG happens to know more about what Qualcomm are up to than us... I don't think LG are doing this to lose money... :)

I doubt TSMC will be able to successfully ramp up production of a brand-new processor quickly enough to stuff it into the G3. And I further doubt that LG's first attempt at a new processor will be worthy of their flagship.

On a side note, I hope the G3 is about the same size as the G2. I wouldn't want another phone significantly larger than my G2.

LG aren't that huge. Had it been Samsung or Apple, they would have had a problem, but they should be able to do it with LG, as long as there are no unexpected issues....

I agree with you on all accounts! Love my qualcom chips, there is NO NEED to change this. And i went in friday to pick up my GS5... ALMOST walked out with a G2 instead. it was the first time i used one in person and WOW.

Now if they would just STOP TRYING TO BE SAMSUNG that would be great! They do awesome stuff, i dont see why htey try SO HARD (just look at their version of android, i am surprised they havent been sued by samgung honestly) to do everything like samsung. Yes, samsung sells phones, but not many people LOVE samsung phones or are passionate about anything samsung puts out.

That's good means more options and who knows maybe LG in home processor might even be better than sd805 chip

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Hopefully they don't keep all the drivers secret like others do to make development a total pain in the butt. Will be interesting to see how this pans out

This is the stupidest thing they could come up with. Qualcomm did an amazing job so far with LG's phones and have increased their market share with their SoC's. Bad move, LG

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why is it these people all forget what helped get them to the success that they are having. Both LG now with this and Samsung trying to ditch android with tizen.

I believe Qualcomm is only going vanilla for the first generation of 64bit procesors, simply because some OEMS want 64bit chips, and Qualcomms Krait line isn't ready for it.

Either way, more competition is a good thing.

Right! It's annoying how no one will even give them consideration lol.

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If they do use a chip of their own design it probably won't make it to the US market. One of the reasons why Qualcomm is so dominant is because they incorporate LTE radios directly into their system on a chip (SoC). Other companies can also do that now but still you don't see chips besides Snapdragon in major phones. Even Samsung doesn't use their own Exynos processors in their US phones.

However on the other side of things a custom chip could be really interesting. Apple has proved with the iPhone that if you use your own custom chip you can tune the software and chip to work better together

Custom chip + Custom software = locked down phones. (Apple)

Lock down a phone you're trying to sell me and what do you get?
No sale!

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I'm still shocked that most people see this as a bad thing. We need competition Qualcomm cornering the market is not a good thing. I for one would love to see more tegra devices released. If Samsung were better about releasing documentation I would have gone out of my way to get an exynos n3. Qualcomm's real strength is their modems and the ability to buy a chip and everything comes with it which makes it easier for device makers to build phones. But clock for clock the 800 would get trounced by the likes of the apple a7 and a15 processors.

Competition is good but it just means more fragmented performance and non existent driver support unless LG decides to be far more open and provide much more documentation then any of the ARM SoC manufacturers.