The LG Optimus V has now hit Virgin Mobile USA one way or another. We've spoken of its arrival before and even locked down some pricing for you but now it's turning up on Twitter, Facebook and in some store locations. Virgin Mobile users can pick up an LG Optimus V (based on the Optimus One) for only $149.99, and it's pretty much identical to any other variation of the device with the exception it is now Virgin Mobile-branded. You can check out our full review of the Optimus One or just skip on past the break and see the LG Optimus V in action. [@getitbackup, Facebook via Engadget]

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alvin548 says:

Where can I get one?

Jalarm says:

and no LG launcher...kinda strange.

hotpinkberry says:

this is so crazy i found this stuff haphazardly! i literally tipped you guys minutes ago and now its on! who knew someone would post a pic on boostmobile's fb page? thank you android central for posting this so fast! awesomeness!!!

joshua.worth says:

Sweet Bla1ze did you see I was harassing them on twitter?

hotpinkberry says:

*sad face* but i guess the real credit goes to the guy who bought it; or if i got beat out by a tipster before me. but its all good. im going to go get it.

srkmagnus says:

$150 off contract for that phone, which is the same as the sprint cersion... that's a steal imo.

johnyguy#AC says:

nice phone but too small for a touchscreen!! to type on it

conazo#AC says:

now that is one very ugly phone yukkkk!

ANDYM323 says:

HEY EVERY ONE RADIO SHACK IS HAVING THIS PHONE BY FRIDAY BUT NOT SURE IF THEY ARE GONNA SELL FOR THAT DATE. MAYBE ON SUNDAY THE NEW WEEK SALE. SO GO TO RADIO SHACK OR CALL THEM FOR MORE INFO.Cannot wait for this phone. I called radio shack to conform the release date and informed me that they will be receiving it in on friday the 28th of January.

umairali says:

thats a good android set.

joshua.worth says:

The feel of it is one of the most solid android devices I've seen everything runs smooth as butter on it.

slayerpsp says:

wifes new phone 25 a month for 300min and unlimited text and data. she has a Palm pre i have a Evo last months bill was 161.00 so over that her contract is up in feb good buy family plan ill switch to the 79.99 plan and save some money

Cleothaj32 says:

For those who can't find this phone call you local Target and ask them to check using the following "DPCI# 080-02-0724" (Targets internal SKU) they have the phones in the stockroom but not on display.