LG Optimus Rooted

A note to anybody with an Android smartphone: Don't leave it sitting around Paul from MoDaCo, or he's liable to root the thing on principal. Such is the case with the LG Optimus (aka the GT540 -- see our hands-on at Google IO), which he cracked open in what may well be record time. Good on ya, Paul! [@paulobrien]

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d3xn2o says:

Someone get Paul an Incredible ASAP!!!

I feel bad for the HTC INCRED guys...

I got my EVO and got Root yesterday with unrEVOked...

Someone Help these dudes out

rugbyua9 says:

yeah, i agree d2xn2o... get this man an Incredible!

Chaos5 says:

Appreciate the support for us Inc users :P

Wonder how long it will take to root the i1, for us prepaid folks?

ShortySk8n says:

I'm wondering what makes it so hard to root a Incredible? Could it be that Verizon locks them down tighter then other carriers? Maybe those that want to root should stay away from Verizon? Just wondering?

Chondog says:

Throwing more support for the Inc! PLEASE!!!!!

burnayev says:

The owners of HTC Incredible should feel safe and happy as their phone seems to be the most secure Android phone out there.

We have to understand that rooting a phone is based on utilization of security vulnerabilities.

Another point to bear in mind is that rooting a phone opens even more security holes and makes it even more vulnerable.

The only data protection for the owner of a rooted phone is the lack of interest to their data.

There is no compelling reason to root an Android phone for a security-savvy person.

Kind regards,
Borys Burnayev
GTD for Android and Web

rockstar323 says:

Paul is in the UK and already said on twitter that since it's not over there he isnt working on it.

palomosan says:

Man, another Android phone that's not even out and it's already rooted...how come the Inc has not been rooted, why is it taking so long.

Inc. user here, a little aggravated.

irishpride says:

Im loving this support for for the Incredible root project...now if we could only see sime results!

moosc says:

Some send hI'm a incredible please. Can't believe no root on incredible

inb4 root the incredi - oh, shit. sorry.