LG Optimus Rooted

A note to anybody with an Android smartphone: Don't leave it sitting around Paul from MoDaCo, or he's liable to root the thing on principal. Such is the case with the LG Optimus (aka the GT540 -- see our hands-on at Google IO), which he cracked open in what may well be record time. Good on ya, Paul! [@paulobrien]


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LG Optimus: Rooted!


Someone get Paul an Incredible ASAP!!!

I feel bad for the HTC INCRED guys...

I got my EVO and got Root yesterday with unrEVOked...

Someone Help these dudes out

I'm wondering what makes it so hard to root a Incredible? Could it be that Verizon locks them down tighter then other carriers? Maybe those that want to root should stay away from Verizon? Just wondering?

The owners of HTC Incredible should feel safe and happy as their phone seems to be the most secure Android phone out there.

We have to understand that rooting a phone is based on utilization of security vulnerabilities.

Another point to bear in mind is that rooting a phone opens even more security holes and makes it even more vulnerable.

The only data protection for the owner of a rooted phone is the lack of interest to their data.

There is no compelling reason to root an Android phone for a security-savvy person.

Kind regards,
Borys Burnayev
GTD for Android and Web

Man, another Android phone that's not even out and it's already rooted...how come the Inc has not been rooted, why is it taking so long.

Inc. user here, a little aggravated.