LG Optimus G

A quick heads up for those of you in Korea with the U+ version of the LG Optimus G Pro -- there's a small update waiting for you that apparently improves messaging and camera functionality. And that's all we've got. The update (actually, we had two updates) took just a few minutes, and the end result was software version F240L10L.

If you've got one of these underrated, oversized phones, head into the system settings to give it a go.

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Jezz_X says:

Anyone else think that from the front this screams Galaxy s3 or Galaxy note

luke31 says:

Yea, but I do LOVE the glowing home button; it's a much better notification light than some measly little dot up on top, and looks pretty awesome too.

lilzone says:

I want the glowing button on my GN2!!!

TekNiKal says:

That glowing home button does look awesome. That was the first thing I noticed.

the phone got software update in less than a month after announcement
LG has learned a thing or two
and yes that light on the home button is awesome

phil if possible could you ask a LG rep next time you walk past one :P why they stated they will not be bring this phone to the UK??

and we have only just received the optimus g in UK lol.

cant understand that at all :(

thanks =)