LG Optimus Exceed 2

Verizon Wireless has added a phone from LG to its prepaid lineup, the Optimus Exceed 2. The phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat and features a 4.5-inch, 800 x 400 display, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, and 1GB of RAM. It has 4GB of internal storage, as well as a 5-megapixel camera. The connectivity of the Exceed 2 includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, though it lacks LTE support, running only on Verizon's 3G network.

The full retail price of the device is $249.99, though Verizon is offering the Exceed 2 for $79.99 with a prepaid contract. It's going up against some tough competition in the prepaid market, with the Moto G offering better specs, including double the storage capacity, for just $10 more on a prepaid contract. Though if you're purchasing your device at full price, the Moto G is a better deal at $199.99.

If that $10 makes a difference for you, and the Optimus Exceed 2 looks interesting, you can get it from Verizon right now.

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newboyx says:

Prepaid contract?

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dcjose48 says:

Yeah I think he probably meant post paid

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crispybbq says:

Besides Blu and Oppo/OnePlus (and LG, apparently), I can't think of any relatively well-known OEMs still rolling out KitKat devices with Gingerbread menu keys... I wonder if they got the memo that Samsung finally let it go...

pfroo40 says:

Verizon does subsidize their prepaid phones with the requirement that they can only be used with their prepaid service, and must be used with prepaid for at least 6 months before they will allow it to be activated on a postpaid plan. The Moto G for example is only $99 on Verizon prepaid (last I checked) but the outright retail price for other versions is $199.

atst44 says:

You can buy a MOTO G for $99 at walmart and activate it on POSTPAID. (Verizon only, of course)

hkklife says:

Really? Is that confirmed? Source? That would be fantastic for a stopgap device for a relative that has 5 months to go until renewal time (on a damaged Droid X2 now) but refuses to accept a "used" device or pay over $100.

Rgf2727 says:

Confirmed. You can also buy it at best buy I am using one right now to type this message and only paid $100. IWhen this phone came to Verizon for $100 I sold my and my wifes HTC one m7 and galaxy s4 and bought two of these and I hardly notice any diffrence , and coming from two 2013 flagships that is saying a lot. Dollar for dollar the best phone I've ever owned and maybe ever made.

erwaso says:

What the H? This gets Kit Kat? Left the Optimus G and Pro behind :(

grydlok says:

Lol this is the company everyone puts their faith in to dethrone Samsung. My lonely 2 year GS3 is getting KitKat while reports out of Croatia about a KitKat build for the LG optimus G and Optimus G pro.

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lucas710 says:

Is that the GS4? ;) LOL

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benhaube says:

Can someone explain to me what a prepaid contact is? I thought the whole point of going prepaid was to not have a contract.

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gatorboi352 says:

No 4G? In 2014?

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