LG Optimus Exceed 2

Verizon Wireless has added a phone from LG to its prepaid lineup, the Optimus Exceed 2. The phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat and features a 4.5-inch, 800 x 400 display, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, and 1GB of RAM. It has 4GB of internal storage, as well as a 5-megapixel camera. The connectivity of the Exceed 2 includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, though it lacks LTE support, running only on Verizon's 3G network.

The full retail price of the device is $249.99, though Verizon is offering the Exceed 2 for $79.99 with a prepaid contract. It's going up against some tough competition in the prepaid market, with the Moto G offering better specs, including double the storage capacity, for just $10 more on a prepaid contract. Though if you're purchasing your device at full price, the Moto G is a better deal at $199.99.

If that $10 makes a difference for you, and the Optimus Exceed 2 looks interesting, you can get it from Verizon right now.

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LG Optimus Exceed 2 now available on Verizon prepaid plans


Besides Blu and Oppo/OnePlus (and LG, apparently), I can't think of any relatively well-known OEMs still rolling out KitKat devices with Gingerbread menu keys... I wonder if they got the memo that Samsung finally let it go...

Verizon does subsidize their prepaid phones with the requirement that they can only be used with their prepaid service, and must be used with prepaid for at least 6 months before they will allow it to be activated on a postpaid plan. The Moto G for example is only $99 on Verizon prepaid (last I checked) but the outright retail price for other versions is $199.

You can buy a MOTO G for $99 at walmart and activate it on POSTPAID. (Verizon only, of course)

Really? Is that confirmed? Source? That would be fantastic for a stopgap device for a relative that has 5 months to go until renewal time (on a damaged Droid X2 now) but refuses to accept a "used" device or pay over $100.

Confirmed. You can also buy it at best buy I am using one right now to type this message and only paid $100. IWhen this phone came to Verizon for $100 I sold my and my wifes HTC one m7 and galaxy s4 and bought two of these and I hardly notice any diffrence , and coming from two 2013 flagships that is saying a lot. Dollar for dollar the best phone I've ever owned and maybe ever made.

Lol this is the company everyone puts their faith in to dethrone Samsung. My lonely 2 year GS3 is getting KitKat while reports out of Croatia about a KitKat build for the LG optimus G and Optimus G pro.

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Can someone explain to me what a prepaid contact is? I thought the whole point of going prepaid was to not have a contract.

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