We're still sitting in on the LG live blog from Mobile World Congress but we had to just take a quick second and show you all the Quadrant scores from the LG Optimus 3D. As you all can see above, the Optimus 3D can easily hit 2958 without any modifications at all. Dual Core, Dual Channels, Dual Memory is what Euro marketing director Daniel Hernandez was making clear to everyone. The LG Optimus 3D is packing that and more. Sit tight as we gather up the rest of the information for you all.

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realitydigg says:

Does it have dual batteries?

bjs188 says:

^ best comment in weeks!

riggsandroid says:

rooted Evo Shift 4g hits 3020 on Quadrant. O/Ced to the max...but still.

My rooted MT4G with stock 2.3 hits around 2800. Just goes to show that these custom skins kill Android. What these companies need to do is get Cyanogen and crew to program for them because obviously they don't know what they are doing and only cripple phones with their software.

MowDownJoe says:

I think Phil said it best on the podcast: the CM team being hired to make phone software for LG or HTC would be equal to "your favorite indie band signing on to a major label and selling out".

albie1937 says:

2958 Quadrant score out the box is good. Imagine what XDA will do when they get their hands on this phone. 4000-5000 The phone may explode for real.

Even though a benchmark doesn't really relate to real-world speeds, it is nice to see your phone blow away every other phone on the graph. :)

Drew Galyen says:

Why does my Quadrant not have the different tests split in the bar graph?