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Verizon has announced that they're rolling out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the LG Lucid and LG Spectrum. We had already heard that the Spectrum would be getting an update soon, so this doesn't come entirely as a surprise. If the details are hazy on those devices, you can check out our reviews of the Lucid and the Spectrum when they still had Gingerbread. 

Of course, owners might be a little sour that the update isn't for Jelly Bean, but one can only imagine that LG and Verizon a little busy trying to make sure the latest devices have the newest updates. Any Spectrum or Lucid owners out there get their update yet? Will ICS be good enough to tide you over until your next phone, or are you going to find a custom JB ROM to stay with the times? 

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LG Lucid and Spectrum get ICS update


ICS is a great improvement over GB on the Lucid, however it would be nice to get JB. I would jump on a Custom ICS/JB ROM for the Lucid but they just do not exist. I do not believe there have ever been any Custom ROMs for the Lucid, in fact there is not even a AndroidCental Forum for the Lucid.