An in-depth look at LG's new flagship smartphone

With the LG G3 all official, announced and in our hands, it's time to take an in-depth look at this new 5.5-inch, "Quad HD" device in our latest video walkthrough. A quick recap — the G3 boasts an enormous 2560x1440 resolution display, a new textured back panel designed to be less fingerprinty, 2 or 3GB of RAM (and 16 or 32GB of storage with it. There's also a 13-megapixel laser-toting rear camera, with 4K video recording capabilities and new gesture-based controls for taking selfies.

The G3 is launching in the next month or so, having arrived in LG's home market of Korea this week. We'll have a complete review coming up in the days ahead, but until then our video walkthrough covers just about everything there is to know about the LG G3.

So join us after the break for a look at hardware, software, design and build quality, and camera.

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LG G3 video walkthrough


If only it wasn't this big. It's a no buy for me. I hope the Moto X+1 isn't large otherwise I'll just have to get a Moto X. I refuse to get a large phone.

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Rumor has it that the X+1 will have either a 5" or 5.2" screen. That's the phone I'm waiting for too. I'm gonna fool around with the G3 though cause I never thought I wanted a 5" and I now LOVE the footprint for my Galaxy S4. So maybe that opinion will change again. But I definitely want more on the X+1 too.

I'm hoping they put more into the camera then it would be a no buy for me I'm kind of a camera nut lol

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

I really don't know why, but phone cameras have NEVER been a selling point for me. I've never cared how good the camera is, which is ironic since I'm a photographer. But I guess it's cause I use my Nikon DSLR haha.

The best camera in the world is the one you have with you when you're taking the photo. I have an uber Canon DSLR but I don't carry it around with me all the time. I'm more likely to want to snap a photo of something when I don't have that camera sitting with me, and there is definitely some convenience that comes from having the device manage the publishing of those "simpler" photos to the social networks. So while I have better glass elsewhere, it doesn't really matter if its not with me when the opportunity to snap a shot presents itself.

Oh of course, I totally agree. My thing is I'm a portrait photographer, so if I'm going to shoot I better have my camera with me haha.

I LOVED the Moto X, but the camera was awful. Moto has never really been able to put good cameras in its phones. I would trust LG over Moto in the camera department.

Agreed. Love my Moto X but the camera is not up to par. Switch to a Lumia 925 on weekends when I take most pics of the kids.

Greg definitely hit the nail on the head. The only camera I've owned since back in the 35mm days is what's inside my phone, so whatever pictures I take, good or bad, will be via the phone.

I just killed my 4S in a fall and while I really like the M8 and S5 I've heard so much griping about both cameras that I really hope LG brings some good game and forces my hand. I miss Android, but need a decent camera!

I have a pretty nice Sony NEX mirrorless, but I still want my phone to have a good camera for all of the times that I don't have my NEX with me. Maybe if I was a more serious photographer, I would be willing to lug a real camera around with me all the time, but I'm not.

If the Moto X+1 is that big it's a no buy for me either.

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Yea this is too big :( had note 3 before this then got the m8. If this exact phone would come in a 5" 3gb ram sd card and removable battery Id be set

Not to sound mean or anything but you do know the m8 and g3 are practically the same size phone wise due to the boom sound speakers and the stupid htc black bar...the g3 is just a little wider!

i'd say LG did a great job. this phone is def a candidate up there with the M8 and S5 etc.
to me, LG's UI looks flatter and softer than touchwiz, looks more mature too.
anyone know if there's any mention of a GPe version?
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Wonder how stock kitkat would look on 2560 by 1440 display

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

It is a bit boring, but it's clean, nondescript, and doesn't look bad, so you can install apps to spice it up and make it look hot. On the other hand, if you start with a heavy, ugly skin, it can be hard to clean and cover it up completely and make it look good. Much easier to add bits and pieces to a boring but good looking UI than to try to cover up a cluttered and hideous UI, in my opinion anyway.

Not that LG's new UI is hideous. It actually looks decent IMO. Certainly a lot better than their old UI.

Agree 110% there. I'd prefer to jazz it up myself. I spent years trying to make Android phones look stock, now I don't have to since I switched to AT&T. And I also agree that LG's new UI doesn't look too bad. It's MUCH better than TW, in my opinion.

I can tell you that my G2 is a better all around phone than the s5, at least for me. so i am assuming the G3 will be leaps and bounds better. Mostly i am talking about the software experience with the G2 vs the s5 (had it for 2 weeks and returned it). The s5 was kinda hard to hold too which i dont think will be an issue with the g3 either. For me, i am through with samsung. they just dont get it. They will sell millions of phones but they are slowly abandoning android and i cant support a company that doesnt appreciate what GREATLY helped get them to where they are today.

Great video Alex thank you. Making me really consider this to replace my g2 even though that 5.5 inch screen is bigger than I wish LG would have used.

Posted via Android Central App w/G2

When you hold the two at the same time, it's amazing how little the added bulk is over the G2. Especially considering what you get with it.

Why do Brits say "Zed" instead of "Z"? Was that movie with Brad Pitt and zombies called "World War Zed"? Or was it "World War Z"? Totally unrelated to this amazing phone ...sorry

English (in any country) is such a JACK UP LANGUAGE! You dont realize how much so, until you try teahcing it to your kids. Then you realize how many DUMB things there really are. Most of them are probably just in america though cause thats how we roll. lol

Haha...for some reason is stuck out when I heard him say it this time. :P I dont speak "English" ...I speak me some "American" ...lol J/K :P

I'm fairly sure none of us are speaking modern English as it was spoken originally. Think Shakespeare.

Also, seeing as the US was formed mostly by English colonies after modern English was already a thing, I don't see how US English is any less correct. It sounds slightly different, but both variations were naturally evolved from English people. In other words, we were not two separate entities, but one in the same when modern English became a thing. So you did not invent it. We, as in both you and us, invented it, before we were you and us.

And don't the Brits say "naught" instead of "zero?" I get a kick out of the British version of Top Gear when they declare that a car goes from "naught to sixty in 5.4 seconds."

I'm interested in this phone as well.loving the look,specs and real estate. Not crazy about those back buttons but willing to give it a try.

This thing is huge,when will the penny start to drop with all these manufacturers.The average smart phone user does not want a massive phone.This one will not sell that well,if it had the same specs and a 4.5 inch screen it would sell like hotcakes.

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the ONLY reason thats true is because you CANNOT get a true flagship phone in anything small. All the mini's are crap. So yeah they sell... cause there isnt an option to buy the same phone in a smaller screen. so really its forced perspective.

But there's a reason that wont be changing as well. Larger screen accomodates a larger battery behind it better, which helps cover the higher end components.

I heard the Galaxy S5 had only sold 10 units worldwide due to the fact nobody wants a big screened phone. And the S4.....and HTC One..... And G2.....and the less said about the pathetic sales of the Note line, the better. What you mean is YOU don't want a big screen. Which is fine, but doesn't relate to everyone at all.

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Trouble is this is a nerds website,it tends to give a false view of things.sure alot of consumers do like the larger devices but a hell of a lot of non techy types would not touch the g3 with a barge poll due to its sheer heft.

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The non techy types are the majority, who are buying the most the large screened androids if you really think about. Size hasn't affected the sales numbers negatively at all. Of the major android falgships last year, the moto x was the smallest in size but was well behind the g2, one, and s4 in sales. The average consumer is much more consumed with whether or not it looks "cool"

My only fear is that it will have the muffled voice calling like my son's G2. My wife and I can't hear a word he is saying. Sounds like I am talking with Charlie Browns teacher. Otherwise I would love to replace my S3 with this.

I'd buy one if it had the Snapdragon 805, which is supposed to be great for 1080+ resolutions. We'll see what else comes out this fall when the new chip is available. Otherwise, the G3 looks like a great phone. The physical design is much more efficient than the M8. Same height, barely wider with a half inch larger screen.

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Looks amazing. I'm buying this for sure. Do we know of an unlocked or unbranded version for the states?

Thanks Alex, good first hands-on review. Yeah, England and The United States, two countries separated by a common language, LOL.
Anyway, G3 looks like a phone I'd be interested in to replace my S4. I love the larger screen. You "young eyes" may like the smaller screen size but us 65+ guys really enjoy not having to squint to see an email or text message. I guess you are where you stand.

Why is no one talking about the speaker I would like to know more about the performance of the speak

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Excellent! That quick look quenched my thirst a bit. I'm looking forward to more information. Also, I feel like no one has mentioned the beloved inclusive of the multitask button. Every time I see I review of someone using this phone. I'm thinking, press it, just press it! Lol

The camera does not look good at all. Lg is a fake a$$ Samsung...

Posted via Android Central App/My Galaxy S5

They are starting to make the flagship phones too big.
The S5 or the HTC M8 are the maximum I'm willing to go.

If it's taller than the HTC at the same width or wider than the S5 as the same height, it's a deal breaker for me.
Maybe I'll wait to see what the iPhone 6 looks like? Nope... I'll just keep my money and my S4.

The G3 is actually like half a millimeter shorter than the M8, but it is slightly wider than the S5. I think the size differences between the three would be tough to notice without holding them side by side though. They are all roughly the same size.

LG G3 looks really incredible to me.

It looks the almost perfect combination of specs for me.

Personally I'd rather have the bigger screen with smaller bezel then front facing speakers of the M8.

I've actually never owned a phone with replaceable batt and SD storage but it seems like it would be super convenient to have.

I'm a happy nexus 5 user, but very tempted by this phone. Battery life and terrible auto focus on the nexus 5 might drive me to the G3.

Just not sure I want to leave the nexus world of stock and instant updates. To my eye the LG skinning doesn't offend esthetically, but daily use might get old quick...

Also wish it was water resistant. I'm tired of carrying a plastic bag in my back pocket in case of rain...

All in all I'll probably pull the trigger thx to the T-Mobile jump plan.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow, thanks Alex! Awesome walkthrough. I own the verizon G2 and love it. That said, I'm looking forward to the response from other manufacturers.

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I think this smartphone could do very well in the market. The look is definitely more modern and fresh as the Samsung Galaxy S5 is very dated looking in comparison. I would love to read some expanded coverage on this phone. Thanks Alex Dobie!

I believe this phone will sell well despite its massive proportions.My contention is it would sell much more with with a a much smaller screen, say around 4.5 inches.
But what do I know !

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The OEM that can make a phone with latest chipset, OIS camera,4.5 inch screen ,removeable battery and 128gm of onboard memory will nail it.

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I really thought my note 3 would last me a year or maybe even 2, but I'm very intrigued by the G3.

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Since Alex mention that the phone feels more like a 5inch phone instead of 5.5 i might reconsider it. 5 inch size is has big as i want my phone to be anything bigger feels kinda bulky to me.