LG's beastly G3 is finally official, and we've live in London to bring you full coverage of the phone's launch. But if it's just the specs you're after, you can head past the break and take a peek at the hardware inside LG's new flagship.

LG G3 specifications

Category Features
OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Chipset Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ with 2.46 GHz
Quad-Core Processor
RAM 2GB or 3GB
Display Size 5.5 inches
Display Resolution 2560x1440 538ppi
Camera 13 megapixel with OIS plus and laser autofocus, front facing 2.1MP
Internal Storage 16GB / 32 GB
Expandable Storage microSD up to 128GB
Connectivity HSPA/4G LTE
Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, A-GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0 LE + APT-x, NFC
USB 2.0
Dimensions 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9mm
Weight 149 grams
Battery 3,000mAh removable

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LG G3 specs


Any idea on whether the bootloader on these will be unlocked or unlockable (on Verizon, for example)? Having a removable battery and microSD slot makes it a contender for me!

It will almost certainly not come with an unlocked bootloader, especially on any carriers, they would never allow it (to be honest I'm not so sure about the US). The potential way to get this phone with an unlocked bootloader is by buying it from LG themselves, although I'm not even sure of that.

Maybe I should have asked a slightly different question. Does LG provide any support for unlocking the bootloader on their existing phones, like the G2? Like HTC does? If they do, then I guess there's hope they'll support unlocking the G3.

Mate I think he just wanted to point out the existence of an SD card slot, he did not mean that the two variants are on equal footing just because of it.

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larger ram starts to make sense if you consider future android os versions will very likely at some point move away from davlik cache and start to use art. So if like me, you only buy a new phone every 2 to 3 years, going for a current model with the most ram and battery is probably one of the major decision markers, its called future proofing.

Hmm, I like the laser beams! Not much of a bump from the G2, with exceptions of removable batt, and sd card slot.

Ummmm....did you notice the Quad HD, or are you one of those people that seem to think human eyes can't tell the difference and it just wastes battery?

It's not black and white. Not everyone will be able to tell the difference, so for some people it may be worth it, but for others it may not.

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The truth is somewhere in the middle.
I'm not convinced anyone can actually see FullHD pixels on a phone. However, I think having a higher res than what is actually visible does improve the images being displayed. Not in some BS homeopathic, fairy fart way, though.

As for battery life, one can never know. There'll never be two phones with identical specs save the screen to compare, so it's really not worth arguing.

I'm betting it will! It's gotten the knock updates. Although, you're right, this is an entire UI update this time around.

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My bad, maybe it didn't...? My friend has a a g2 and I thought she said hers got it. :-/

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Received the knock code update in early may on Rogers network in Canada and my friend with a g2 got the update one Bell network a couple days later you might allready have it check your lockscreen settings.

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Verizon removed Knock Code and Full Screen Mode. I was excited for knock code and though full screen could be nice at times, but Verizon constantly finds ways make me want to leave. Oh and for some reason we don't have the Browser in QSlide, but that was an existing issue before the update.

If you aren't on Verizon, then you should find it in settings.

Dude, I've never been one to get all upset if my phone doesn't run the latest OS, but, I have to agree with you. I would love to have the new UI on my G2.

Since they are following the Samsung playbook, and the fact that HTC did it as well, I cannot see why it wouldnt

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The UI doesn't look half bad. I'm still curious whether someone will be able to tell the difference between this QHD display and a 1080p one.

Yes, damn it. Seems there are way too many haters or ignorants throwing out their -opinion- on the matter. The fact is, you can tell the difference - if you're looking for it. Just like you can tell a Pentile display from a 'real' display. These people probably just don't care for that extra clarity and just want a cheaper device. But for most of us techies, regardless of if we need it, we want it bad. I'm fine with the PPI of my Nexus 5, but would trade for the G3 screen in an instant.

I'm not a hater, I'm just wondering if the increase is noticeable to the average consumer. And I have crappy eyes so I doubt I'll notice a difference. And as a "techie", I'd rather have better battery life than a negligible increase in screen resolution.

The higher resolution will also provide a clearer image and readability for those with poorer eyesight.

Jimbo is actually right. The sharper the image, the clearer it is for those with 'fuzzy' vision.

If I was still at work I would dig some stuff out for you all (I kinda work in the field).

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I'll compare in hand and professional reviews of the LG G3 against the HTC Ace which will sport a 5" display plus front facing stereo Boomsound speakers including HTC Sense goodness wrapped in a beautiful curvaceous polycarbonate finish.

Messy UI again, a mix bag of squares, circles and flat icons =/

Another phone where the only real change is a specs bump, what does this offer over the G2 compared to the usual 'better process, better screen, better camera'.

So different shapes are bad? I haven't seen much, but all UI related items I have seen so far have been pretty cohesive and very very flat.

I definitely prefer the ui on the G3 over what I have on the G2 looks way less cartoonist and I love the look of the notification tray being very transparent and dark themed.

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One of the reasons to root Android. You can change to anything you want. Rooted every Android I've ever owned, starting with the G1.

i really dont care about the ui, if its too overbearing I will root and rom it now instead of 3 months after purchase, , outright purchase of course, so im buying for better specs and hardware!

74.6mm wide, not bad for 5.5 inches! Still would prefer something that is the same as the 69.8 mm on my GS4 has on my next phone, otherwise I wouldn't appreciate it too much.

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Dumb question here.
Anyone know if Google music pinning can pin to external SD cards?

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if high quality audio is important to you, surely you have a good/ great bluetooth headset, no matter how good a phone is your never going to get a hifi blaster, i got a creative BT headset way back when i had a S3, and man, the sound rockks so chrystal clear...all i want to hear out of my phones speakers is the voice on the other end.

I'm curious as to why the QHD display, but same battery size?! I think I'll stick with the G2 until something more worthy comes out.

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Would love one, but 5.5 is just too big to handle comfortably. My opinion anyway.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

Laser beams are really the main feature to me not that overkill resolution of a display no doubt it's pretty though but I know plenty of s3 or HTC one x users who like their 7th screens just great and they still look great but tech moves on

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Yes, the latest processor is quite promising! All the features are pretty promising till near future from the other brands..Awesome!

I've only had the G3 a week, coming from 2 years with the dual core GS3. It's not real impressive right off the bat. The main improvements I like are the camera, both front and rear. The antenna rocks. 3gb ram and 32gb internal storage. The user interface is different, still adapting to that. Overall it feels like a decent step up but I guess I was expecting more of a night and day difference. My Gal 3 had a Zerolemon 7000 mah battery so in that department the LG is a step down but it won't stay that way for long :-)