Tucked away in today's LG Q1 2014 financial results is confirmation of the branding for its upcoming flagship phone, the G3, along with hints of a launch before the end of June. From today's press release —

Higher revenues are expected in the second quarter with the release of the flagship LG G3 smartphone and wider roll-out of the mass-tier L Series III.

While the G3 name isn't exactly top-secret after a recent spate of online leaks, the Q2 launch window indicates that the company's next high-end smartphone could drop before the end of June. So what are we expecting from the G3? How about redesigned back buttons, a new, flatter UI, a crazy new 1440p display and maybe even a homegrown LG processor.

Interestingly, a late-Q2 arrival would pit the G3 against Samsung's rival 2K-resolution monster, "Project KQ," better known to tech followers as the "Galaxy S5 Prime." That device was recently tipped for a June launch in the Korean press.

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LG G3 name confirmed as LG targets Q2 release for new flagship


Can't wait to check out what LG has in-store with the G3
I know it will out sell Samsung s5 zoom.

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Just got my Z2, but this sickness inside of me is pretty excited to see what LG will have to offer.

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I have my Z2 on order but part of me is thinking i should have waited for the G3.

Saying that it would be a constant with these short cycles always wishing lol

Liking that Lg are offering that phone that is different to the rest,l (referring to those rear buttons).

Im sure it will bring joy to many, i am more than happy with my decision though.

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Honestly, as long as you are happy with your device, it doesn't matter what other devices are out there.

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Instead of falling for the hype of sites like this, making people feel insecure about their own phone they bought a year ago I wish they would think "do I need a crazy resolution display?" "there is no other electrical items I buy then read press designed to make me want to change it"
With kk and 2gig ram and the 800 chip phones plateaued and reached a stage where they are more than good enough. We need crazy xxxxxxxxhd screens, sucking power. Something like a nexus 5 is fine for 3-4 years it's only people who have insecurity issues that need to keep throwing away perfectly good phones. People who cope being seen with the wrong phone. It's sad. I went there. I've had mobiles since day one so I what I'm talking about. Some years have 6-8.
Sites like this can't survive if you change every 3 years. $am$ung phones is a minute part of their business. Planes, oil tankers construction is where they make money. Get clean master get rid of obsolete files that slow your phone. Don't fall for propaganda.

While I think he has a valid point, certainly in the minority. One correction though, sites like this exist because there will always be someone who needs a new phone
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Lol true, majority rules with respect to the minority opinion!

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So now I have insecurity issues because I like to upgrade my phone every year? That is ridiculous. It is MY money, that I choose to spend on what I want, not yours to tell others what to do with.

Got Nexus?

Yeah he's way off on that comment. Maybe if he's referring to iPhone's or even the Galaxy line at this rate but I don't have a single family member or friend who really knows Android. They wouldn't know the difference between my last 3 phones (GNex, HTC One to LG G2). I get them b/c I like tech. I know plenty of people who need to get the new iPhone and yet have no idea how to do anything but check email, check facebook and use the internet. Those people want the phone as a status symbol. Your typical android enthusiast does not.

You make some valid points, but I think your criticism of this site is unfair.

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You're wrong. "Samsung as a whole ended Q1 with $51.8 billion in revenue, up slightly year-over-year, leading to $8.2 billion in operating profit and $7.3 billion in net profit. The mobile side of Samsung's business alone made up $30.29 billion of that revenue and $6.2 billion in operating profit — a huge portion of the company's overall earnings." I buy at least one new smartphone every year, not because I'm insecure, but because I want to. Thank you for psychoanalyzing the smartphone customer. You might do a better job of it if you actually had accurate facts. Thank you. Can't wait for the G3 to replace my G2.

Yes it will have a SD card slot. One of the LG Ambassador mentioned it

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That's all I want to see. Hopefully they come through with the removable back. Almost certain since most SD slots on phones are on the back.

I've been a fan of LG since their flip phones on Verizon.

Looking forward to the flatter UI. Hope they update the G2. I also hope it has something other than the shiny back cover.

Yesterday i was talking to a LG Ambassador and he mentioned LG G3 is going to have a SD Card slot.
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Can't wait for this puppy! Hopefully it doesn't have major flaws like the M8. Waited for that one and changed my mind.

The other thing is will it at least equal the battery life of the G2 (which is the best I've ever had). Also, can they make a 5.5" phone that isn't appreciably larger than the G2 - the G2 pretty much maxes me out on one handed use. The G2 had 5.2" in a phone the same dimensions as the S4. Can they get the G3 to 5.5" by even smaller bezels and other tweaks. It would be awesome if it was the first phone with the 805 and the new USB 3.1 reversible plug (although that would require a new cable). I also pray they don't go with that awful looking USB 3.0 plug that is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 - it makes for a large plug. The Quick Charge mode of the Snapdragon 800 series works great with the LG OEM charger and they better leave wireless charging in.

Such High Hopes For So Many Of You...
Whichever comes first... The Samsung S5 Prime or the LG -G3.. You had better Slow Your Roll.. And wait for BOTH of them to release..
You don't want to end up like so many new S5 owners.. That are going to be Sick to their Stomach when they see the Samsung S5 Prime.

It will be interesting to see if the G3 will offer wireless charging to all, or just Verizon customers, like they did with the G2.

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Without the ongoing reduction in fabrication size of the various individual and combined chips that facilitate increases in speed, a reduction in power usage, allow for greater workload with improved effeciency every couple of years, where would the smartphone or tablet etc be right now?
A 1440p 538ppi screen is necessary in terms of pushing the boundary further. It is what we humans do, it is simply part of our nature.
Living life without the next big 'thing' to tempt us to spend or invest, depending on ones personal perspective, would be pretty mundane.
My current LG G Pro works just fine and I could live with it for a couple of years but I want faster form of LTE connectivity, effeciency improvements, a better screen, a faster processor, 4k video recording, an improved camera and a bigger battery etc.