LG G3 images leaks again, this time in gold

Previously we've seen various close-ups or blurry shots of LG's upcoming G3, but today some new images have surfaced that give us a much better look at the new device. Now we can see the G3 in full — and in gold — and get we get a much better overall view of both the front and back that we've haven't seen before. Keep in mind that even though the G3 looks shiny and metallic here, it may very well still be plastic casing just like the LG G Flex.

These photos don't leave much else to the imagination — showing off the full back camera and flash. On the other side of the lens is what we had assumed to be an IR blaster window as on the G Flex, but GSMArena is saying that it's a laser (presumably infrared) to help with focusing at night — we'll believe it when we see it. It could be both, really. The front shows a slim bezel surrounding the 5.5" display, along with the speaker and LG branding. When all is said and done, we've seen the G3 in gold, white and grey.

In any case, we should find out plenty more at the end of the month.

Source: GSMArena


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LG G3 images leak again, this time in gold


I'm not convinced it's metal nor does it matter I was hoping for the same self healing back as the G flex

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I'm confused why anyone would want a metal back. You'd be giving up QI wireless charging. That's one of the features I love about the LG G2. NFC would only work near the opening for the camera and even then it wouldn't be as reliable as it is with a plastic backed case. I guess it's ok if no one uses those features but I use them all the time.

I agree! No interest in trading off other features so my phone can be more easily scratched/dented/scuffed but will have better aesthetics. I for one can't understand that trade off but some people think aesthetics is everything. It's not like the S3/S4/S5/G2/etc were bad looking in any way!

This is the only gold phone I've ever seen that didn't make me puke immediately. Not saying it's my (or even a good) color choice, but it is not hideous.

Agreed! Gold to me is just nasty. Kinda like when someone has a gold tooth. Yeah it's gold......but......it's not attractive.

THIS!!! FOR F SAKE.. Gold is ugly as CRAP!! Can we be done with it yet?? Just cause apple did it doesnt make it cool!!

Yeah i completely agree with you on that one Apple started this stupid craze and yet no company can actually release a phone with the accurate gold color :( not that i would ever buy one if someone actually did.

oh come on, no one was making gold smartphones for years until the 5s...then everyone had one. Same with fingerprint scanner. You cannot deny that

LG had a gold phone. And the Motorola Atrix was the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner if I recall correctly. Laptops have had them for how many years now?

but lets be honest.. it wasnt a "thing" until apple did it. Yes all those thing were out there. sparsely. now that apple did it, its the new thing. I hate apple as much as the next guy, but they made this a thing.

I can deny that, I did deny that, and I proved it. YOU can't deny it. Don't worry about it though, I know that a lot of people struggle to tell the difference between themselves and other people. ;^)

Actually, the Samsung Galaxy Golden was out before the gold iPhone, and like another user said, the Motorola Atrix had a fingerprint scanner years before the iPhone. Apple is just mashing together ideas from other manufacturers just like ever other smartphone manufacturer...

Quite frankly I think the gold phones look cheap and gaudy, but I guess some people like that look?

I don't think his point is that Apple did it first, everybody here knows that is not the case. He is saying Apple made it popular and that is hard to deny.

Apple did make gold color phones popular again but there were gold phones in the past. Plus whats the big deal gold is a common color so its not some genius move. White black silver gold should be standard.

It's funny how people can be brain washed into believing the hype. Because Apple tell you they were the first does not necessarily mean this is true. They would have you believe they invented the phone too at this rate. Apple "PROBABLY" made it popular but the LG Expo and Motorola Atrix both had fingerprint scanners first, plus Gold phones have been around almost as long as the mobile phone.

Eeeek! Someone's coming! Click (turn over) click. Well, eff it, that's good enough. How about hold the shutter button down, let it focus, then release. Not rocket surgery.

Man those gold phones are ugly in my opinion. Are a lot of people even buying gold iPhones? I understand Apple maybe didn't invent the gold phone but they clearly started the god awful trend.

It's apparently extremely popular within the Apple movement to look like an idiot.

It's also extremely popular within the same crowd to own gold phones.

I love the massive screen on this device but goddammit why are they still putting the speakers on the back???

yeah, I like speakers on the front (especially on a tablet) but I don't like how tall it makes a phone like the HTC One. Speakers on the bottom are kind of a nice middle ground as long as there are two of them.

Yeah I'm not a fan of the speakers on the back. I have G2 and the speakers on the bottom of phone are great. But speakers on the front of the phone like HTC are awesome.

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You couldn't keep the size of the device and the bezels so small with front facing speakers

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Front facing speakers don't add size to the phone and won't take much space. Speakers are small but HTC's design just makes them seem big. Sony Z2 has dual front facing speakers and it's built on the edge. Instead of these damn gold phones I wish companies would make front facing speakers the norm.

Kolten Nay says:
"You couldn't keep the size of the device and the bezels so small with front facing speakers"
I say: Your Wrong.... view this vid:
Speaker Placement is PERFECT.. and someone is going to realize it and adopt this winning design.
The speaker placement on the G3 SUCKS.. and takes away Big Time from the style of the phone.. and I bet it sounds like SH!T as well... Looks like The OPPO Find 7 is back at the top of my list...

Yeah. This is a top contender for me to Motorola's follow up. Thankfully didn't get the S5 or M8. Good phones to be sure, these hopefully will be better. Maybe this will be one of the first Google Silver phones along with Motorola. Looks good though.

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The more I see of this phone the more intrigued I am. I was a bit let down by the GS5 and this could be my next great contender. I doubt its metal. Its more likely a plastic finish to save money but thats never stopped me from buying Samsung in the past since I'm putting a case on it anyway. Im pleased that so far all the rumored improvements to this phone are actually useful things.

I'm definitely interested in the LG G3, but if it's bigger than the G2, then I'm not getting it. The G2 is big enough in my hand.

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I love the size of the G2. I have a Note 3 and it's too big for me. I hope this G3 is not much bigger than the G2. If so it will be my next phone. If not, I'll get the next Moto X or Nexus.

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The m8 is pretty and the os is top notch but being an m7 owner and lg g2 owner. the bezels on htc phones seem like going backwards in time. the g3 specs are showing htc m8 size in width and shorter!

Will any company be making phones anymore, or just phablets? At least make a smaller 1080p version

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You're that Christian who started the "mark of the beast" debate in the previous post... You're not welcomed here.

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I get more and more excited with each leak. I just hope the rumors of the G3 having a microSD card slot, OIS+, and a 3200 mAh removable battery are true.

5 inch screen, 1080 display, and at least 3000 mah removable battery is the perfeft phone for me.
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Well the original korean version lg g2 always came with 2 removable batteries and microsd slot so its almost a given. The last leaked pic showed that also and a mico sd slot above the sim slot. OIS+ optical and digital stabilization. MM drool. best 4k video recording

Because the HTC M8 is pretty much universally agreed to be a big phone. It is impressive that lg has managed to fit a 5.5" screen in the same body size but this is their flagship, not a phablet, and it is still large.

Yep, and when you want to reach some button on the far right or left with your thumb your palm triggers the screen. And of course Android has no palm rejection whatsoever.

Need to see this in grey and black. That copper gold color is something only a mother could love.

I'll never understand why people actually want a tin can phone...

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LG.... you crazy underDOG.. I like what I am seeing.... one thing I ask.. no I BEG... PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPOINT!

Can't tell if its real metal, maybe self healing back. Hope its metal to satisfy all the metal lovers.
The dimensions of maybe a htc m8 with a 5.5" screen yes please. After going near bezeless phone, Big bezels never again. Htc one.

OIS ++++++ optical image and digital image stabilization should bring the best 1080p 4k vid.
The lg g2 debloated and slightly tweaked was a generation ahead of my galaxy s note and htc one phones.
The LG G3 is beast.

LG makes better and better hardware, but with their non nexus phones it really hinges on their UX. If they don't dial the crazy factor back they will never be able to compete with Samsung.

Oh, and LG phones are quite a bit cheaper too.

If this is the design prelude to Nexus 6, my next phone will be OnePlus One. I like HTC One M7 design but this trend toward brushed metal is annoying, looks like a shell better suited for the kitchen.

I think a black/gun metal color, 32gb storage(SD card slot is a plus), a 5.5" screen(maybe a tad smaller), the 13 megapixel ois+ and S805 would be perfect! LG, please make it in this combination!

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I sure hope this is a Dummy Phone.
The G2 was an excellent sized ( and great looking ) phone.
This thing looks to have grown to Phablet size.. With Hideous speaker placement.
The only thing it's going to have going for it is the new Flagship Standard 1440P Screen and popout battery.
The Stylish Design of the LG-G2 has been lost.