Among the myriad of American carriers happily confirming that they'll offer the LG G3 for sale in the coming weeks, a few British ones have confirmed support as well. We've heard from is 3 UK, Carphone Warehouse, and O2. Carphone Warehouse says folks can sign up for notifications for tomorrow, and preorders starting in early June. O2 says they'll be selling in early July.

For those that missed the announcement earlier, the LG G3 boasts a laser-guided camera, signature rear-button style, and a high-resolution quad-HD 2560 x 1440 display. Scope out our hands-on time with the G3 to get a better sense of what's going on there.

Though it's not there yet, you'll be able to find the LG G3 on Three UK's coming soon page shortly, and O2's will be here. We'll be keeping an ear out about any other UK carrier announcements. How many Brits in the house are eager to get their hands on the G3? Which provider are you rolling with right now?

Source: Three, O2, Carphone Warehouse

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LG G3 coming to the UK, including Three, O2, and Carphone Warehouse


Looks very nice, but personally waiting for the one plus in view of rumoured nexus demise. How quick are LG at getting out android updates?

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Here in the states at least, they released the updates at a decent time. I could tell you that they have certainly improved their updates speeds.

I know Carphone Warehouse is a reputable company and all, but man that name is outdated. Brings back memories of my grandma's Motorola "bag phone" that she kept in her Oldsmobile. They should really consider a new name.