LG G3 Cat 6

The beastly LG G3 Cat. 6 might not be officially launching outside of South Korea, but that hasn't stopped us checking out this turbo-charged, Snapdragon 805-powered version of LG's flagship smartphone. Alongside our full review, you'll also want to take a look at our video walkthrough of the G3 Cat. 6, which you can find after the break!

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Thanks to 28mobile.com for providing the G3 Cat. 6 for review.


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LG G3 Cat. 6 video walkthrough


This is what LG should have released in the US, why did they even bother with the S801 version to begin with? Was being first with a 2k display really worth the screwing your customers with a processor that can't handle it, that overheats and shuts phones down. Guess we will never know since this likely is S.Korea only.

While I certainly agree that they should have waited and launched it with the 805(which is what I was personally expecting), that last bit is quite a bit of hyperbole.

The 801 still handles the resolution just fine, and the G3 is still an excellent phone- one of, if not the best of the flagship devices. The biggest advantage of the 805 would have been increased battery life imo.

Agree, my Nexus 10 uses a processor from release 22 months ago, House of Cards is beautiful on the QHD screen. Sure I'd like more processing power, but for $300 AUD, a bargain, if someone was upgrading to Cat 6 and offered me their original at a good price. I'd buy it, in a New York minute, then sell my beloved 32 GB Nexus 5, rumors say Nexus 6 is not 64 bit, so I'll probably go for the Nexus 8 and sell my beloved Nexus 10. Loving the new screen cast, via chromecast, to my 39" UHD TV, which only cost $600 AUD, (selling for $400 US in Yankee land.) Chip makers and OEMs, if you want to avoid people seeing your flagships as commodities, make some UHD, if QHD screen in 5.5", why not UHD in 8". If Tegra 4 can handle UHD, with 72 GPUs, then, K1 can do it easily, with 192 GPUs. Loving my UHD upscaled, mastered in 4k House of Cards Blue Rays and upscaled from FHD to QHD on the Nexus 10, it only takes up 0.8 GB of flash. Apple might make monkeys out of us, if we're not fast, they beat us to 64 bit, resolution, they could beat us to UHD. Soon Blue Rays and some broadcast channels will be UHD, they've already been doing UHD over cable, I saw 128 GB USB 3 sticks, for $40 US the other day.

Maybe they might release this January 2015 in the state's or something.

But it always helps if people bug LG and demand it, I guess. ...

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Why do we still have performance comparisons that like compare how smooth the app drawer it, and how smooth the play store is? Is the 801 supposed to be choppy looking at apps or something?

No, they can't, as they 805 does not have an integrated radio baseband. Battery life would be horrible. I wish we knew who was providing the radio and what model/SKU it was.