"This is the story of one reality in an infinite gamut of alternate possibilities." It's also the story of floating phones, slow-motion croissants, the girl next door, selfies in bed, GQ biker dude stealing, Field of Dreams, lasers, the morning after ... and a phone.

This is that full LG G3 Beat video from the other day in which the unannounced "LG G3 Stylus" was unceremoniously leaked. (Now without the super-leaky goodness at the end.) And we'll forgive you if you didn't actually watch the whole thing at the time.

But, wow. Just ... Just watch it.


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This LG G3 Beat video is the most tripped-out thing we've seen before breakfast in a long, long time


Some production... That must have cost them a pretty penny! LG is definitely stepping up the pressure on the big boys.

That's exactly what I was thinking. This is pretty weird/funny/strange, but in a far better way than those stupid HTC commercials. God, they were awful.

I don't even remember the HTC commercials. And I guess from a marketing perspective, that's even worse than thinking they were terrible.

Except for the screen size and resolution, this phone has the same internal specs as the LG L90. Same cpu and all for a couple hundred bucks more. LG missed the mark on this one

#Never Settle

Lol I wasnt really disturbed until the squid...

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That might be the best promotional video I've seen this year. I miss the old samsung commercials that poked fun of the iPhone.

I watched it then and thought that it was one of the best ad's I've seen for a phone in a long time. It showcased the phone and many of the cool things you can do with it all within a feel good relatable story. (everyone who's ever fallen in love or been stuck with a lingering "Shoulda/Woulda/Coulda" moment or taken regrettable pictures).

I'm waiting for the Note 4 to be announced but if specs don't blow LG out of the water, I may end up with one of these phones (and yes, I was leaning there before the ad, but the ad encourages me even more).

I can to say pretty much everything you said in the first paragraph. That is Spot on.

As for your second paragraph, I am pretty much gonna get the Note 4 (S-Pen is essential to me) but without a doubt you cannot go wrong with the G3. Minor stutter here and there but an all around solid phone.

You will be happy with either I think

I haven't seen the ad (on my work computer), so I can't comment on how trippy it is, but...

If we're talking about the commercial (and therefore the device) at all, isn't that a good thing?

That was great. Showed the features of the phone, told a story...

I laughed, I cried.... two thumbs up!

The only thing is how do you knock that down to :30 for TV and not make it choppy .

A 3 minute commercial is great and all but where do you show it? (OK, I can come up with one place, movie theaters)

If I have to watch commercials in a theater, then this is the type of commercial I'd rather see.
The idea that we have to sit through commercials in theaters just suck though.

I think it was a decently shot little film. I mean, there are some plotholes and clearly it struggles in the third act, but a nice film overall. I can't wait for the sequel. Hopefully they'll fill some of the holes and resolve some of the unanswered questions. I just hope they don't feel the need to reboot the franchise. Ugh. No more, origin stories. Am I right?!

One of the best ads I've seen this year, the LG G3 seems like a really good phone

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Gotta say, I prefer this to the phone ads of yesteryear (Think Nokias 'wedding brawl' ad for the Lumia 1020, Samsung's 'waiting in line' ad for the GS4) They really made phone lovers everywhere look like overgrown children IMO. This new generation of phone ads may be weird, but I find them less immature and I like that.