Lg G2

T-Mobile: September 18 for $99 down, $21 monthly; Verizon: September 12 for $199 with new agreement

We told you a couple weeks back that the LG G2 was going to hit the US carrier scene sometime in the middle of September, and today those same carriers have started sending out press releases with dates and pricing.

First we heard from T-Mobile, who will be offering both the black and the white models for pre-orders starting today, with a delivery date of September 18. It's going to cost you $99 down, with 24 payments of $21 monthly (or $629 up front) and will work on any of T-Mobiles non-contract plans. The white model is available only online. The pre-order page is live and you can find it here.

Update: We just heard from someone "on the inside" that the G2 will be available for sale in T-Mobile stores starting September 9, but advertising doesn't start until September 25. You might want to ask to see if your store has one for sale next week.

Next up is Verizon, who will be offering the G2 starting September 12 for $199 with a new customer agreement. Color selection and full off-contract price were not given by Big Red, but we expect both choices will be available and you'll be forking over about $600, just like the rest of the carrier models.

Many of us are looking forward to that Snapdragon 800 CPU and rich "Hi-Fi" audio from the G2. It looks like we won't have very long to wait.


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LG G2 release date and pricing confirmed by T-Mobile and Verizon


Wow, Verizon stepping up to the plate! I got both the One and the X to decide which one to keep, but I may just return them both for the G2.

The Note 3 suddenly seems like the phone to compare the G2 to. .7 inch more screen size is it worth it? I am possibly torn.

T-Mobile sent the press  release out first. Verizon showed up right before I went to post this. Fixed it so you don't get sore from those bunched-up panties :P

Hey AC, can you guys reach out to T-Mobile and see how much storage their model has? It isn't listed anywhere.

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16gb or 32gb which will vzw carry? Where's the spec sheet on vzw G2

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16gb or 32gb which will vzw carry? Where's the spec sheet on vzw G2

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16gb or 32gb which will vzw carry? Where's the spec sheet on vzw G2

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16gb or 32gb which will vzw carry? Where's the spec sheet on vzw G2

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Praise the lord!

Posted via Android Central App using this POS borrowed Thunderbolt while waiting for the G2 because I walked into the ocean with my GNex in my pocket.


I hear ya! I bought a thunderbolt off ebay a while back thinking I would only have to wait a couple weeks for the HTC ONE and six months later decided to wait a little longer for the G2 but this T-bolt is driving me nuts I cant wait to break it in half.

There has never been any mention of a 16 GB model. It has been 32 since they announced it.

Posted via Android Central App using this POS borrowed Thunderbolt while waiting for the G2 because I walked into the ocean with my GNex in my pocket.

Then we have a winner! As soon as my contract is up with Verizon, this will be my new phone......or the Nexus 5. I did my own confirming that the Nexus 5 will be made by LG. (Last 2 frames of scene with leaked Nexus phone show the shiny LG logo on the back).

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Props to VZW... maybe if we all comment on how great it is to have a current phone be released within a reasonable time frame, they'll understand what customer satisfaction is. I'm not buying this phone but I'm happy for those that are.

No disrespect received good sir or madame... but I think you read my comment out of context. I'm happy with their service and the fact that I'm not transferred 18 times when I call in, but their phone release schedule has left a lot to be desired.

I'll keep saying this.... AC followers give VZW suuuuch a bad rap for release dates... I keep asking.. Outside of the Htc one... Which phone did they release that was super late... Mind you the htc one wasn't late... They weren't carrying it..late is when u set an expectation at launch. "yes we will carry this phone " and aren't timely on following through.. But not carrying a phone is different Kinda like sprint and t mobile to iphone ya know... It was a no deal.. But i am happy to see some of u are giving them props
(i was pissed they didn't get the htc one at launch also.. Just to be real)
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Verizon gets such a bad rap because there doesn't seem to be any real logic behind their delays. Do they need to test the reliability of their radios for several* months? No. Do they need to troubleshoot a device UI that works well out of the box? No. They are perpetually late, and to top it off, the devices come out INFERIOR to the international versions to such a degree, that we EXPECT some sort of shortcoming in our devices... some sort of missing feature (Does the VZW HTC One have the dual membrane mics? I'm sure some of them would if they didn't drag their feet releasing it). I'm not sure where you see a silver lining. I'm paying more, for a device that is comparatively inferior, with nonsense bloatware that I cannot remove, later than everybody else... but if I have an issue that they delayed the phone to prevent, at least their customer service is good.

I'm not a complainer, but I base my reality on logic. There is none here. If you keep a phone from me even for just a few minutes, JUST to make it worse, you deserve criticism. This is the first indication the they've stopped their shenanigans.

That is my humble reply, I hope it helps explain some of our frustrations.

Comments here are so refreshing. Sites that use disqus are full of downvote trolls and people who want to have the "best" comment.

I just wish the top and bottom bezels switched, especially with the software buttons on the bottom of the screen. Seems so unproportional. Still, shocked to see almost GN3 specs for $199.

I haven't been hot on an Android phone in a long time. And now there are 3. This one, Note 3, and One Max. I think One Max is my choice, but I don't know if/when its coming out on my carrier. Crud!

Ill be at the Verizon store on the 12th and will walk out with either a Maxx or this LG2...unless we get updates whether VZW will carry the N5 or the Z1.

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I'll be gunning to get a G2. Need to sell of my GNex and Note 2 to fund the purchase. I, too, would like to hear about a N5 or Z1 on VZW, but I'm afraid that's just a pipe dream. Not gonna happen man.

I mean't the HTC One Max, not the Droid Maxx. I am with you on the G2 being superior to the Maxx. The One Max has a 6" screen which differentiates it from the G2. 3GB of RAM sounds pretty sweet on the Note 3 though.

Does anyone know why after updating ac app why the settings option is gone and also why it is no longer on the dark theme for me? I don't like the white and green color scheme too much

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Nevermind found it, I can't access the settings with my s3s menu button any longer. Weird

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Do we know yet if Tmo will carry the 32gb model or if they'll disappoint and carry only the 16gb model? Also are there any rumors yet if they'll carry the new Xperia z1?

They probably won't carry the Z1 for quite some time, since the Z launched a short time ago. (Sony said no US carriers had an agreement to sell it yet)

I've been trying to find out the storage on the t-mobile version, but am getting nowhere. Their spec pages don't say, and the reps are beyond useless.

I was thinking about getting the maxx or the One but I think I will be scooping the G2 on the 12th.


This might be my first LG phone since the Dare - hoping the reviews are good.

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Preordered maxx from wirefly but this new g2 looks like I might be cancelling that order

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LG has come a long way from the craptastic phones they used to make, I think I'm ready to give them a chance. Choices just got sweeter and even more challenging to decide; Note 3, G2 or Next Nexus. Suddenly the Moto X seems ridiculously outmatched at this price point at least, HTC one... great phone BUT not fully sold on it and it's 6 months old, contract renewal demands the newest of the new.

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Nice job VZW.. get it out asap!

Have the maxx now.. nice phone - smooth, fliud, and fast. Screen is fantastic.. really like the form factor and the battery lasts forever (I charge every other day and get about 6 hours screen time)

wish it had root or the ability to add some aokp features..

that being said I have the luxury of 30 day return aka demo policy, so I will be returning the maxx to try the G2 and then maybe the one - was thinking the X too, but since its the same as the maxx software wise, I will just see the form factor in a store. Hopefully by the time I get thru with the demos some more nexus 4+ deails will leak out or one of them gets root / custom rom.

I'll only buy it if it can be "rooted".
I refuse to buy the HTC One on VZW because I can't root.
Looks like until something happens, I'll be keeping my Razr HD.

I thought early on I read the Verizon model will have 32GB internal storage along with wireless charging. But the $199 price tag has me worried this is at 16GB storage! Verizon always starts out any LTE smart phone with 32GB storage at $299.

I just called Verizon and talked to 3 reps before being transferred to a supervisor... had her read the tech specs and confirmed 32gb on-board storage & wireless charging. No price given though.

I have called the Two major T-mobile stores in Vegas, and neither one has the G2. They both said it wont be released until the 25th of September.