As a famous Hollywood socialite would say, That's Hawt. This leaked press image of the LG G2 makes us look forward to tomorrow's LG event even more. On-screen buttons, some fancy volume do-hickey on the back, and a Snapdragon 800 under it all. And probably Leprechaun magic. 

Join us tomorrow at 11 AM ET, when we can all learn more and have a good long look at LG's next.

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LG G2 press render surfaces, let this tide you over until tomorrow


Cannot tell if I like the volume rocker placement or not...

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yeah me neither. I love the overall design of the phone. It's very nexus like. I hope the nexus 5 is like this and better. I don't like the huge screens. 4.7 inch is my max. Moto x did a good job reducing the bezels.

I just wish the top and bottom bezels would switch. The bottom is already bigger. When you add the on-screen nav buttons, it's going to look even worse. The Moto X is great for this. The bottom is a lot smaller than the top, so the buttons balance it out.

I think the button placement is awesome because it will let you easily change the volume just by slipping a finger down the front of your pocket... you don't even have to take the phone out!

You can also do it without much change on how you hold the phone with one hand.

I'd like to know how that will play out with a phone case. I'm thinking not to much trouble hopefully.

I like it. Looks slick. I'm planning on the Note 3 or One Max but this may catch my eye too. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long for all of these phones to come to Sprint.

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Wow. Exact same boat. I wanted the note 2 last year but caved and got the LGOG and this is tempting me again.

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Haha same here got the optimus G and it's the best phone I've ever used, I also am intrested in the One maxx and the note 3 and for sure the G2 are in the running sooooo many choices. Love it.

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Would be there too but doubt it'll come to sprint considering sprint hasn't had a Sony in forever.

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I wish that Sony would make a Sprint version... But LG will likely make this little beat for Sprint, so I'll survive :D

There's going to be a lot of choices this coming fall. For me it's going to be between the Note 3 or the next Nexus.

the volume buttons on the back are there for easy access because when the phone is in your hands your fingers are always go to the back. its alot easier than reaching on the right side just to put the volume up and down. this while your hands on the back you sure your fingers just click the volume buttons.

However, placing the volume & power buttons on the back on the phone makes them completely useless when the phone goes on a car mount. I really like this phone but the button placement

i understand but i think its cool that LG is trying new things it shows they are not lazy like some phone brands that keep just upgrading

Man every Comment on anything related to this phone you talk about the car mount..... You havnt even used it yet so stop writing off the button placement I wouldnt be surprised if this has a similar always on listening feature like the Moto x.

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You don't have to use the phone to realize that any button on the back of the a phone is not accessible while on a car mount.

the volume buttons on the back are there for easy access because when the phone is in your hands your fingers are always go to the back. its alot easier than reaching on the right side just to put the volume up and down. this while your hands on the back you use your fingers just click the volume buttons.

Obviously the strategy is working, not to mention the technical reasons for using a larger screen.

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Looks like a rocker to slide webpages up and down, etc. to me. Hope not...that would be completely pointless to counter productive to just using the screen to scroll lol.

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Don't understand why the battery is so small... It's a full HD phone with a giant display. It's gonna last what... 5 mins? Don't mention the removable battery, I'm not a fan of turning my phone off, remove the hideous plastic back (the Optimus g and N4 were great, why take a step back and copy Samsung) pop out the battery, pop in another that I have to remember to charge and power the phone back on. This is 2013, how are we still doing that? This better not be the model for the new Nexus 5, it would be a horrible decision

I understand the small battery but why complain about it being removable? On vacation my phone not only lasts longer because it's a note 2 but then I can just swap a new battery and have even more battery.

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Because it leads to such ugly devices with plastic casing that looks incredibly cheap. Case in point : Samsung Galaxy S series. Vacation is one thing, but what if I'm at work or out and about. I gotta stop what I'm doing and swap batteries and then turn my phone back on. It's inelegant and inconvenient for such a premium device. And I gotta carry an extra charged battery.

better than a dead battery, carrying a charger or leaving it in the car to charge.

Until all batteries are the size of the maxx or optimized like the X (jury still out on that one) the batteries should be removable.

I hope the N5 is BASED on the G 2, and I'll get it regardless because of the devs that only support Nexus devices,but I'll be much happier if they make the N5 with a fixed battery and more premium materials (like the N4). My N4 gets me 4-5hr SOT no problem and if any doubt I carry a 5500mAh external charger that's about the size of a pack of gum. Extremely portable and more convient that powering down to pop in a battery.

Also, it amazes me how many people don't realize these new screens, processors, etc. are all much more effient than previous generations even at much higher resolutions and speed. It's NOT all aobut the size of the battery. Not to mention it's the "battery junky" types that overlook this fact constantly. How do you think the new N7 gets 1-2 hours MORE screen on time with a smaller battery? The tech in the Q3/Q4 devices is far more efficient that what in the N7 too.

I hope battery tech improves this frustration with people. I do not mind as much as long as the phone does what I want.

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Really like the look of this, looks clean with very slim bezel.. Have no issue with the volume on the back personally think it makes sense..anyone think the centre button between the volume is a power button? Reason I say is that there is no power button on the right side where it usually is on lg devices...would have definitely looked at this phone if it was available earlier..currently have the s4 which I have no issues with but am one of those just for the sake of having a s800 CPU I want one lol

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This phone looks awesome. I will have more choices than the just note 3.

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Ummm if we are just guessing since none of these are announced officially... I am going to put the next Nexus phone in that ring.

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Seriously everyone forgets Sony. I wish they would make a nexus

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Buttons on the back? Next to the camera lens? So I can muck it up with fingerprints every time I go reaching around for a button? No thanks. Horrible placement. But, at least phone companies are trying new things after years of not shaking things up much. So that's refreshing at least.

This phone would be perfect if not for that HORRIBLE button placement on the back of the phone. Just terrible. I would have probably purchased this if not for the buttons on the back :/

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yep. it will be really awkward to use on a big phone such as that one. seems they are trying to re-invent the wheel.

Looking very promising.. Almost same as nexus4 except for bigger screen.. Seems to be an ideal size for me.. I like it.

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Come on LG u should have stuck with nexus4 glass design that was is sexy. This to much like Samsung. Which we know that's what your striving for.

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Yeah, except for the best screen tech in existance, software buttons, physical buttons on back, CPU/GPU, radios, dual stereo speakers on the bottom, and probably quite a few other things. It does have rounded corners though. Troll much?

Why is everyone freaking out about the button on the back of the phone? If you look at the render that shows that button near the camera and then look to the far right hand side of the phone near the top and spot the blatantly obvious volume rocker that is also on the side of the phone. It looks like LG is giving owners "options."

I don't know about that. Looks to me more like a SIM card slot.

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Damn that phone is nice looking. I love the thin bezel. And sounds like a beast under the hood And the volume controls on the back look handy. Finger placement is always there when holding a phone. Could come in real handy. We'll see though....

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Makes sense to me. Buttons can have more than one action depending on what app you're using. Having your finger on the power button and zoom in/out would be lot easier than poking the front of the phone to take a picture. Stay focused on what you are taking a picture of, not looking down to find the camera snap icon! ;)

Funny how this looks so good in plastic, but s4 caught hell for plastic smh, let me guess they plastic looks way better huh, anyway this phone won't have major support for cases they will be wierd looking

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Yeah definitely looks interesting, don't think the next nexus will look like it though. Waiting for that one and maybe keep my current phone for a whole year! It probably will take a few things from this one but positive it will keep the minimalist look. Which is good for me, was disappointed in the moto x but this one looks more of what I want.

from my lean mean jelly bean machine N7!

Actually considering the size of the phone I believe the button placement is not a bad idea. Unlike the HTC one where its at the top and pretty hard to reach.

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