LG G2.

We had some hands-on time with the new LG G2, and that means we were able to take a whole slew of pictures. Both the white and black models were there, as well as LG's fancy Quick Window case. Take a look past the break and enjoy!


Reader comments

The LG G2 in pictures


I'd just like to point out how awesome the contextual nav key colors are. It looks like the layout is customizable too. This should be a default Android feature. It's the little things that get me.

Is it just me or does this lg skin look almost identicle to touchwiz. The app drawer button is in the same place and looks similar to Samsung, the default weather and search widgets are the same and are in the same place as samsung.

They also used a transparent status bar like Samsung. It still looks like a great phone though. I'm probably gonna wait for nexus 5 though.

Honestly I have never been even remotely excited about an LG phone. I don't even like the Nexus4. But this phone is changing that.