Android Wear watches

After launching the first batch of Android Wear smartwatches on the US and the UK Play Store earlier today, Google has started listing the G Watch and the Gear Live in the Indian Play Store.

LG'g G Watch is currently on pre-order for Rs. 14,999 ($249), with an estimated shipping date listed as July 8. Meanwhile, Samsung's Gear Live is listed as coming soon, with a price tag of Rs. 15,999 ($266). This marks the first time a device was made available within a day of its US and UK launch, at least on the Play Store.

Interestingly, the Gear Live costs more than the G Watch in India and the UK, while the US Play Store has the device for $199 and the G Watch is available for $229.

Would you be getting either smartwatch? If you're looking for more information on the wearables, check out our initial hands-on with the G Watch and Gear Live.

If you missed the I/O coverage from last night, head on over to our event page to catch up.


Reader comments

LG G Watch available for pre-order in Indian Play Store, Gear Live coming soon


As if anyone in India will ever purchase purchase any of these for 15K.. LOL
They are simply wasting time. People will rather get a standard Seiko or a Casio for less.

Just goes to show your doltishness to the Indian market. Pre-ordered one myself as soon as I saw this. 6 other friends who were informed of it and immediately did the same thing. Don't know which country you come from but your naivety shocks me.

You're very ignorant if you think you can speak on everyone's behalf! I would order this in a heartbeat if it was not for the upcoming Moto 360. I'm just waiting out for that one. I'm sure thousands, if not lakhs, are going to order one.
Why would spend the same amount on a dumb watch when you can get a smartwatch?

I won't be getting here in India because some fucking people over at Lenovo never uodsted my K900 above android 4.2.1 so my device is incompatible....
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