The LG G-Slate was announced at CES 2011, but since then, LG and T-Mobile have been super tight-lipped about the tablet. One would think LG would want to start showing the device off, especially with all these Motorola Xoom rumors floating around. But instead, YouTube user MysteryGuitarM has uploaded a brief shot of what looks like the G-Slate. The back of the tablet carries two cameras and Google branding. Don't believe us? Watch the video after the break and jump to the 3:35 min mark to skip all the yapping. [YouTube via Engadget]


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LG G-Slate spotted on YouTube, Google branding visible [video]


Lmao! It was like...yap yap, 3d lens...yap yap, casually picks up an unrealsed tablet off a pile of crap, sets it back down with no care to screen, and yap yap. Lol classic. Has to be one of the lowest key spy videos ever.

Is it bad that the thing I want to do after watching that video is slapping him for suggesting uploading a 2d and 3d version of the same video onto youtube? Youtube has a 3d video portion to it which will render the video in different methods of 3d. So there is no need to upload two different versions of the same video.