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Curvy smartphone could launch next month, according to reports

With Samsung's Galaxy Round now officially a thing, it's only a matter of time before LG responds with its own curved-screen handset, as has been extensively rumored. Today we're seeing a handful of renders of the "G Flex" leak out online, showing a top-to-bottom curve on a device that bears close resemblance to the LG G2. (An image of the phone lying flat even hints at the presence of back-mounted buttons, in the style of LG's latest flagship handset.)

Engadget reports that the device will sport a 6-inch display, as previously rumored, while an article on The Verge suggests that a November launch is on the cards, following the launch of the LG-made Nexus 5. Whether the "G Flex," or Samsung's competing Galaxy Round, will ever see a widespread international launch remains to be seen, however.  

Source: Engadget, The Verge

LG G Flex LG G Flex


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LG 'G Flex' pictured with curved 6-inch display


At least Galaxy Round shape helps so that it can be kept in pant-pocket... No I hate Galaxy round too...

But LG flex looks more stupid than Galaxy round, imho...

Agree 100%. Just because you can curve it doesn't mean you should. Awful size, awful shape, pointless curve. It will go down in the books as the first vertically curved phone. Also a phone no one bought.

This thing will be uncomfortable in pockets, break in storage, and will probably be uncomfortable to hold. Way to go LG. All you have to do now is put buttons in the wrong spot and you'll have the worst device made since the Kyocera dual screen flop.

First vertically curved smart phone? Yes. First vertically curved phone? Probably not.

I remember another verticall curved phone from many years ago. Curved as in the case or shell, not the screen. That would be the Nokia 8110. Also featured in the first Matrix movie. :)

Introducing the LG Banana....curved for your pleasure!

The only phone that worked with a curved screen (in my opinion) was the 'Nexus S'. At least the back was flat enough. People would rather have flexible phones, not bent ones!

The Samsung one I guess is better for it being in your pocket as the curve fits your leg. This one? Probably the same as the old Nexus's, fits your face better when calling. I think the curve is a bit extreme though.

This one looks like it would curve to the shape of your arse better when in your back pocket. I'm sure that was their main design plan.

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Nexus S had a perfect size and shape so that little curve was adding to the great feel while scrolling. I wish someone makes a phone shaped like that today just w better screen , specs and less bezel - it we would probably have 4.5 in screen. Moto X is the closest so far.

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Nexus S had a perfect size and shape so that little curve was adding to the great feel while scrolling. I wish someone makes a phone shaped like that today just w better screen , specs and less bezel - it we would probably have 4.5 in screen. Moto X is the closest so far.

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This is not totally true. Both LG & Samsung devices should have glass on the front, which can break when dropped. However, curved glass is stronger than flat glass. Both screens are flexible, otherwise they would not be able to curve.

Now that I have a little more time I can explain...

The curve changes the bending moment from the applied load. Same reason the windows on a submarine are curved and not flat. The curve shape can withstand greater pressure loading. However, the effects of impact are not as greatly reduced by the shape, but still should see some improvement due to the increased rigidity vs flat surfaces.

You can test this logic at home by experimenting with bowls vs plates and see who wins the strength battle. ;)

Only thing I can think of to justify that a curved screen is stronger than a flat one is when pressure is applied to a convex shape (think of a large suspension bridge). It resists flex that way. Force ---> (

For media consumption, this would make sense in landscape mode with both hands. I suppose it could also be used as a neck pillow on an airplane.

Stupid design. Not convenient inside a pocket. Nokia used similar design before so nothing new. They are just making up design so they can overprice it.

I wouldn't knock it until I've tried it. I think its pretty cool that they are trying new form factors. A few years from now flat phones may be a thing from the past! - I think a flexible phone would be neat :)

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Maybe this phone isn't designed to go into your front pocket but rather BETWEEN the front two pockets. Ya know, to help the less fortunate look more endowed. Also doubles as a cup. Many features to this phone...I LOVE IT!!

Okay, First, the earlier commentators are waking up waaayyy too early in the morning to post comments (myself included).

Second, I think the phone is meant to form to the curvature of your face/cheek. I would wait to see how it feels in my hand and in my pants (so to speak) before I make judgment. It may be a hit or miss, but at least we have someone trying something different.

Too much curve, Nexus S did it best.

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I'm willing to bet most of the bashing here are by people who haven't used the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, both works just fine to me and more comfortable to hold. People already use Galaxy Note and 5"+ screen phones and they still complain about this phone showing on their pocket. You think the HTC One Max won't show in your pocket?

With that said, it's not a Nexus and it's a 6" screen so I'll skip.

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I don't know about you all, but if you put the cell in your pocket more often than not, then what do you need a cell phone for?

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I've used both. At 4"-4.6" they were fine to hold. 6" Give me a break.. it already has limited portability and curving it is only going to make it worse.

Neither the Galaxy S and Nexus had anywhere near this degree of curvature. They were both subtle enough to provide a degree of added comfort when used as a phone, while no disadvantage elsewhere.

These new phones have taken the idea to the extreme, creating disadvantages that far outweigh their advantages. It's the "if a little is good, more is better" mentality that seems to be the main driver of technology today.

Certainly at Samsung and LG. Just look at the screen sizes they're pumping out now.

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good for back pockets for people with round bottom, bad for front pockets.

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This may be true before the screen is assembled into the phone. Companies generally do not market design changes made to help with internal quality control or error proofing.

Unless that phone has enough flex in it to flatten out with pressure from a pocket it's gonna explode the first time you sit down.

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Subtle curve of the GNex I get. Seems like this wouldn't be comfortable on every face though. Gaming could be odd too, or possibly it will feel better.

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I think most of us would agree that we aren't interested in having a device like this, but I still think them making these devices in the first place is a good thing. Having manufactures push boundaries is great. Things like this could lead to some really cool innovation. Experimentation is Good!

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They're not really pushing boundaries though are they? They're just trying to out gimmick each other hoping something will stick.

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All of you are jumping too conclusions to early. I love my Lg G2 back buttons that everyone hated also. I love the locations and i don't even use the power button with knock on. Plus the volume can be changed in many location.

I like it but will save my opinions for when I can actually hold it... Unlike some people here who apparently know everything good or bad by using their sixth sense.. located where the sun doesn't shine.

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While I would have to do an extended live in test to be for sure, the idea of a curved phone seems vacuous and superficial at best and inconvenient at worst. I fail to see the benefits of it.

The reasons for the curved screen are various. First it's stronger. It also allows for the phone to have a larger screen while still being somewhat easier to handle by effectively reducing the distance your fingers have to travel. rocking the phone in your hand assists with typing and I think it's kind of sexy. If you're a man and you like wearing jeans with reeeaaallly tight pockets then this might not be the phone for you. If you're a woman then it's going into your purse anyway. I'm dissapointed by the one max and am looking forward to trying this out.