LG Chromebase

The LG Chromebase, the all-in-one Chrome OS PC, is now available for purchase for $349.99, or for even less at some online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg.

The Chromebase, the first such all-in-one PC to run Google's PC operating system, was first revealed in December and was later shown off at CES 2014. The PC has a 21.5 inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080. Inside, there's an Intel Celeron dual-core processor running at 1.4 GHz, along with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD for storage. The LG Chromebase also comes with a keyboard and mouse, and the PC has three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port.

While the regular suggested retail price for the LG Chromebase is $349.99, Amazon and Newegg are currently selling it for $329.99. People who buy it can also get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years, along with two free months of the Google Play Music streaming service.

What do you think of the LG Chromebase and does its low price make it a more interesting choice for an all-in-one PC?

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LG Chromebase available for $349.99 or even less at some retailers


I'd just buy a 10 inch HD tablet, a usb-OTG device, a multiport usb adaptor, and a 1TB hard drive for about $120 more.

Its all about the portability.

Why bother? You could just buy a Chromebook for a LOT less. You've missed the point. The Chromebase is the desktop replacement.

Yes, because a 10" screen is just as useful as a 21" screen. This isn't a portable solution. This is a desktop solution. I could see this being a great living room computer, or a terminal for an employee to use with a Citrix environment or somesuch.

I know the whole point of a Chrome OS machine is TEH CLOUD TEH CLOUD but I'd really like to see these things come with 32-64GB of storage at the start, especially with Chrome OS gaining access to Android apps.

Just bought a HP 3ghz, 8 GB ram, 1.5TB pc for $300, and unlike Chrome based PC's you can run programs on it.

I'd like to see a reverse bluestack where instead of running android on windows, you can run windows programs on android and or chrome.

Use crouton to get a Linux installation and yes it will. My Acer C710 runs Minecraft nicely. I put a 4gb card of RAM to get 6gbs. I also do all my development on it too.

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These would be perfect for libraries, hotels (for guests to use), and even for a lot of non-power-users. The fact that it can double as a TV (hdmi input) is a nice feature as well.

I'm tempted to get it just as a monitor, use it for some quick browsing if I don't feel like using my beast tower

That'll be $15.20 plus tip.

I agree, especially on the ram. Anything sub-4gb is simply not worth it. And it prob costs them only about $15-20 more to go from 2gb to 4gb

I own one as my office workstation, and I have yet to see lag or bottleneck issues. In fact, it runs far faster and is far more stable that my iMac. You have to remember, this is not a gaming machine. There really is no need for more than 2GB of RAM. Now if Steam comes to Chrome OS, then I could see the need.

Even on a Chromebook, hangouts is a memory Hogg. I also tend to keep many tabs open, and sometimes even go too far for a 4gb Chromebook.

Its much better than on an ordinary computer, but especially with webpages getting increasingly heavy, I'd like to have 4gb. Especially on a all in one I can see keeping for many many years, (cause chrome os).

thanks for that info. my c720 gets really slow from time to time when scrolling. i will check to see if i am messaging anyone in hangouts.

I've got one of the Asus Chromeboxs with only 2gb of RAM and that thing is fast. Even pushing dual monitors and having multiple tabs open on both. It's not meant to be a gaming PC, but for normal use, it's great. Raw specs aren't everything.

I agree, but I'd still pay a little more for 4GB. I've never had a lag issue with my C720 (although that thing is not pushing many pixels at all), but memory creep is a thing with all operating systems and applications. A year from now, 2GB systems may well be laggy. Even when dealing with budget systems, I'll always take the options future-proof if possible.

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Since it's also a monitor you can still use it in the futrue just connecting it to new chromeboxe. Though I do wish they had a version with specs like the Asus chromeboxe i3. Which is about the same price but without the monitor.

My dad has a Chromebox with 4gb ram, with about 15 tabs open he is using just under 2gb ram. The extra would be nice though because it's such an inexpensive part.

Not sure if they know what they're talking about but one of the Amazon reviewers says you can upgrade to 4gb ram via standard SODIMM modules.

You don't need a beefy proc to run Chrome. While I hate hate HATE Celeron Processors, this shouldn't tax them.

I'd be happy to switch to Chrome but I need a system that I can store my large movie/TV collection on and ideally it should run a Plex server. Chrome would suffice for my needs/wants aside from that.

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If I ever invest in chrome os it will be in a mobile variant, no reason to own a crippled desktop

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With the hdmi in you can use it as the monitor for a Windows desktop. It has a button that lets you switch back and forth between the two. If you look at it that way it's a good deal.

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That's actually a great price for what it is. After owning both a Chromebook and a Chromebox, I would have no problems recommending one of these.

It seems to me like the Chromebox vesa mounted to a nice monitor still comes out as a better choice. That way you have similar portability, cost, and ease of use, but you get the option to upgrade the system later. What do you think from your experience?

I didn't remember this this at first but I think if they add some more networking stuff to chrome os this could be the cheapest option for school's I bet

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Anywhere where the most important things are browser access and document printing, really. Most of the hotel business centers and airport lounges that I use have either all-in-one HP computers or iMacs. Either way, these represent a savings of hundreds per unit, without the need to load user access restriction software over the system launcher. And that's not even touching on cash-strapped public institutions like schools and libraries.

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they have that stuff. google.com/education i think it is. the c720 sells for like $250 each. and then for thirty bucks per unit they can have access to the management center or whatever. which gives them control of all workstations.

I have the ASUS Chromebox with the i3 processor and 4 GB ram. It's great. Does almost everything I need to do on a daily basis. For those things it can't do, I remote into a windows machine using Chrome Remote Desktop. For most people doing everyday tasks, these types of machines are more than sufficient.

I just bought the same thing for my girlfriend and her grand kids, but bundled with a wireless keyboard and mouse, plus an HDMI and Ethernet cable. Has it hooked up to her TV. Since she needs no specialty software, this works perfectly for them. I'll no doubt do the same once my Windows 7 box dies.

if you want one for the heck of it, get the acer c720 on amazon for two hundred. the screen sucks, but it is a truly impressive unit for two hundred bucks. without trying to start a war, it is every bit as fast as a $400 windows machine. great little keyboard and above average trackpad. almost all cromebooks run the haswell celeron processor. so all you are comparing is the screen, keyboard, and trackpad.

I'll probably be picking one of these up :) Tired of Microsoft and their horrible Windows 8.
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Depends what you want to do. Chrome OS still limits you drastically on what you can do . Go snag an OEM copy of Windows 7 for 80 bucks and take Windows 8.lame off your rig

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Not too bad of a device. I guess it would be a suitable replacement for an old desktop computer I have.

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Looks good, needs more RAM though. I just want a high res, backlit key, 128gig on board and high build and screen quality for $500. Where's that one?
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TOO MUCH FOR TOO LITTLE! Screen is too small, RAM is to small, hard drive space is too small, price is too high.

This would be a great second monitor for my desktop. I can see using it for my work computer but using the HDMI in for my PS4. Cool piece of kit. A kids's room or guest room machine with a blue-Ray player in the HDMI port would be pretty useful too.

I am tempted to get one of these for the kids, but maybe it would be better to start with a chromebox and pick my own peripherals. We homeschool and have a 9' long desk in the loft. We just started them on a web-based math memorization routine that they do in the morning. Right now they just use my laptop with a USB number pad (so they don't wear mine out).