Optimus 2X

The ongoing saga of "Will my Optimus 2X get Android 4.0?" takes another twist courtesy of LG Canada. Previously, LG Singapore had said via their Facebook page the update was coming in Q3 but now, LG Canada has taken to Twitter to say that's not the case at all and that it was a mistake based on a general statement from HQ. We're not entirely too sure what that means unless it's code for stuff we just say to calm people down and can then later retract. In any case, we've reached out to LG to hopefully get a better response on the matter because social media accounts aren't always the final word.

Source: LG Canada via: IntoMobile


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LG Canada Twitter account says no Android 4.0 ICS for the Optimus 2X


A general rule of thumb in regard to ICS updaes: If your phone came out in 2010, don't expect an official ICS update. (RIP my Evo 4G)

Of course the Dev community is always an option, but support for these older devices is quickly waning and they're being dropped left and right.

The O2X was released in Feb 2011 (announced in December 2010) the G2x was released in April (announced in March 2011) so who knows what is going to happen in the end?!

So, being that they're almost the same phone (except for partitions & such) does this mean it's possibly a no go for the G2x as well? I prefer running stock, debloated ROMs, but if this ends up being true I'll be forced into the task of finding a fully functional ROM elsewhere. This whole scenario seems kind of ridiculous being that there are less powerful devices already running ICS, but what do I know, right?

Exactly, but custom roms aren't that bad, in my opinion they're actually better, tweaked to go faster than stock roms. You should take a look in the XDA forums concerning the LG optimus 2X and G2x...ICS roms are already out, albeit without the proper ICS Drivers by Nvidia.

Thanks, but I'm already fully aware of the community & XDA I just like official ROMs because of the lack of drivers, etc.. Only time will tell what will happen in the end. Until then I guess I'll just stick with 2.3.3 running Holo Launcher. It's about as close as I may get for now. 8-)

i've been running ICS since february and love it.. the phone handles it awesomely...
depending on which rom.. but i've found that AOKP teamkang is awesome... runs fast and smooth.. no videocamera, but i dont miss that.. its funny.. all it needs are those drivers and it's ready for ICS... not sure why LG wont commit... kinda silly.. but since i root, im not concerned with "official" stances...

Search "Videocam Illusion" on the market. Some software magic hijinks must make it work, but it allows your G2x (probably O2x as well) to take video now. I just flashed EB ICS 4.0.4 after being on CM9 SK3 forever and am quite happy. It's like 98% good ICS.

Anyone else love the fact that even though this article is about the O2X not getting ICS the phone pictured is running just that?! 8-D Unless it's Holo, too..

That's not a good sign. Owning an Atrix, CM9 runs amazingly on the variant of Tegra 2 in the Atrix and Optimus 2x... but the missing drivers mean it'll never be a fully working port. If LG is backing out, and with not even a leak showing up on Motorola's end despite being close to what should be the launch date for the OTA... not looking good for getting those drivers.

Wind gets phones that carriers don't want to support. I wish they'd drop OEMs that don't support updates.

This is why I will only buy a Nexus phone. And even that's no guarantee. I just flashed takju onto my GN and my girlfriend's GN. Most Canadian GNs have not seen an update since February.

And when this phone is paid off, I'm serious going to consider an iPhone next. Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of the update drama with Android. In a year or two, Apple will have caught up to where Android is today, functionally (like say on Maps or Notifications), and I'll be happy with that.

And it's not just software support. Warranty support from Android OEMs is even worse.

That is assuming that Android development will freeze for one or two years. By the time iOS catches with the current Android functionality, Android phones will be making you a sandwich for breakfast, driving your car and taking you to work.