LG Ally Froyo

Waiting for the LG Ally to get Froyo? Looks like your wait's about up, as Verizon's prepping the Android 2.2 update in short order. The update (VS740ZVD) will bring you the various improvements we've covered in our Froyo Features series, so check them out for the whole nitty gritty. And try not to look your friends with Fascinates in the eye. They're a little twitchy right now.


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LG Ally about to get Froyo update


Nice. The Ally is a good little entry level Android phone. My wife considered getting it but decided on the Droid 2 instead only because of screen size. She wishes the Droid 2's physical keyboard was as nice as the Ally though.

Edit: On a side note..is the new spam filter going to think EVERY ONE of my posts are spam? Geez... Did I piss off a mod or something? Haha!

Before you leave for the iPhone, which you'll most likely find to be an inferior device, try something from the actual Droid lineup. They're all great phones :)

Epic fail Samsung. Only keeping my fascinate cause I don't have an upgrade and waiting for iPhone 5. This is really getting ridiculous Samsung, seriously!

Going to do the samething...I actually really like my Fascinate but I wont stay with it if Samsung doesnt improve on update push outs

I heard that postal workers are not allowed to have FASN8's. The risk of setting them off due to the Update Nazis (Samsung - "No FroYo for you! Come back one year!") denying them their natural-born FroYo rights is too great. The carnage and bloodshed would be catastrophic.


i love how this article is about LG and all i see are comments about samsung lol

glad to see someone getting the update at least.
already thinking about getting a new device

LMAO ALLY GOT FROYO BEFORE SAMSUCK..my Droid incredible has been running gingerbread for 3 weeks now LOL

LOL...no you aren't you are running a Gingerbread ROM, not official 2.3 from Google. The only phone running official 2.3 is the Nexus S. Anyone can install a ROM...even Samsung phones

r u serious I'm pissed now lik my samsung epic is nice but not when my manufature doesn't support it n a entry level phone is getting froyo b4 my high end flagship device really I've learned my lesson from samsung evo 2 or sumthin htc here I come

The Fascinate is a really good phone. The dev community has made it a great phone. Would I like to have froyo? yes. But with the right rom/kernel set up my phone out performs any other I have seen and skyfire lets me view flash on the web so I don't see a need to make myself hyperventilate.

However, considering every international version of the Galaxy S line has froyo I'm not sure that we can place blame squarely on samsung.

This CRAP. My wife's ALLY will be gettign FROYO before Samsung even thinks about releasing it before my Samsung Frustrate.

I'm still in my 30 days with the fascinate. I'm seriously considering jumping to tmobile for the free G2. Verizon and samsubgsamsung, for different reasons, are really making me mad lately.

To all the Samsung users complaining about not having Froyo yet. Ally users have been waiting over 6 months for this update. It's not like the phone just came out and BAM they have 2.2. It took LG a long time to get this out.

About time LG! This was a great little phone hurt by lack of onboard. Storage. This will go a long way towards keeping my wife happy till her contracts up next year. I just hope this remains a with Google phone and does not become a Verizon/Bing monstrosity.

My wife has the Ally and I am glad to see that she will be getting Froyo and hope this helps with the performance lags, since her phone is kinda on the slow side. I have the fascinate am I am a little jealous. FROYO where are you for the fascinate?

Froyo runs awesome on the Ally. You can go to LG's website and download it now, via the LG Updater PC tool, instead of waiting for Verizon to push it out.

Interesting that you say Froyo runs awesome on the Ally via the LG Updater as the LG Updater says it is not yet available for the LG-VS740.

Am I missing something?

Go to the LG site and download the updater. The site says not available but the updater tells a different story.

Use the updater to download drivers to PC makesure your usb bebugging is on and the update will put VZD on your phone. I've been running the update for an hour now and it is fast.

Baseband: VS740MVD.6040.1001
Kernel version lg-electronics@balto#2
Build# FRG83D
SW Version VS740ZVD

Got it ty! :D was easier than I thought. Have to re-configure alot but grinning from ear to ear while doing so :}

I created an account (it was bound to happen sooner or later, I suppose haha) just to say thank you for your instructions, and hope you enjoy your early update to Froyo!

Got the update for my wife's ally - thanks for the tip!
Any idea about flash - not included and I can;t find in market. Plus the market went back to the older version - weird.

When connected to updater it shows i am zvc and states i do not need an update how can i force the updater to push software download thanks in advance

AMEN! Been waiting and waiting and waiting... finally got it.

LG Ally is an underdog of a smartphone. Not super speedy but a kick-ass keyboard and well-made. Very little bloatware and free GPS and other free perks that others have to pay for. I have had mine since June 2010 and love it as much as the first week I couldn't stop playing with it. I was one of the lucky ones that didn't get a bad batch and so have zero issues. LOUD speakerphone, clear, vibrant responsive multi-touch screen and with Skyfire browser and clever 3rd party apps, have been doing stuff with it that have made me the envy of many other smartphone users (even a few iPhone fanboys) - My husband wishes he had not gotten his Palm Pre Plus and had gotten the Ally instead. NOW IT HAS FROYO!

This will make my storage problems go away - yay for bypassing VZ's update (for now).

I <3 LG

I completely agree! The Ally is definitely an underdog in the Android arena. It runs huge, gigantic circles around my former Sprint Hero. It's solid and well built, has a good keyboard, and is one of the few phones to sport an unmolested version of Android without a mfg. theme or lots of carrier junk. Long live the Ally! (even though VZW has EOL'd it :-/)

EOL'd after 11 months is much better than other snazzier snapdragon phones that will be EOL'd after 7 months ;)

It is just NOW getting the update? I have the HTC EVO with Sprint and I received the froyo update like six months ago. Get with the program Verizon.

Froyo is running great on my wife's phone! I installed it through the LGupdater on the PC, it when quickly and smoothly. Still has the stock Android theme with full Google app suite and minimal Verizon bloat. Great job LG and thank you Verizon for resisting the urge to ruin this phone. My wife is very happy! P.S. No flash and the old market but those not big issues.

Sweet! Looks like our work phone gets an upgrade! To the comments of Samsungs Galaxy S phones, who cares! I'm running 2.2.1 on my Cappy. Yes it's a shame that it's not out yet but it will be here.

Finally! LG and Verizon pull through. I was beginning to think they would forget about us. I was about to switch to an Incredible, but now I think I'll hold onto my Ally for now. I just love the keyboard on that phone, and now with Froyo I'll no longer have the internal memory issues I've been dealing with.
This phone just a whole lot better.