We've detailed the Lenovo Ophone before on Android Central and damn, if it ain't sexy. We've been drooling over the images of the Ophone since it was first leaked but now we get to see it in action, in hands-on video glory. We get a few run throughs of the UI which looks admittedly iPhone-esque. If it looks nothing like Android, don't be surprised, we think it's kind of the point.  However, you'll surely recognize some of the Android apps.
The cube metaphor for swiping screens is pretty nifty and we actually get to see some widgets be put to use. Overall, we're pretty impressed by this and hopefully we can see this type of innovation trickle down to future Android builds. If we could even remotely understand Chinese, we'd definitely be interested in using this!
What do you guys think?
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inportb says:

Whoa, is that a pimped out version of Android or what?

I'm not sure I'd like the cube on the phone, though. I mean, I have it on the desktop and while it's good for showing off, it's hardly worth it for usability.

On the other hand... the latest Sapphire builds for G1 seem to work quite well...

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